If you’re planning to move between cities in Japan you’re best off purchasing a Japan Rail Pass, or JR Pass, it will save you a huge amount of money. It also includes some local travel in the cities which will also save you some money. Working out the rail system in Japan will take a little while but once you get the hang of it it’s fairly easy to navigate. Well lets say you will navigate it with minimal hiccups!! (Yes I’m giggling right now!). Read More

Through my contact with other travellers on Instagram, I was given the ‘heads up’ about a fantastic group of volunteers located in Kyoto. The Good Samaritan Club are a group of university students that love their city and like to practice their english skills. Out of that need, a brilliant initiative was born for all tourists visiting Kyoto. Read More

If you are going to visit Kyoto, firstly I suggest that you don’t do what I did and try to see it all in one day. My advice is to give yourself as long as you possibly can but read on to see how much you can fit into 24 hours. Kyoto is the cultural centre of Japan and the spot that the Japanese visit on their holidays to experience to learn the traditions and history of old Japan. Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan for over a thousand years. Read More

I have to be honest, until recently Indonesia hasn’t been on my radar. I never considered Indonesia a great place for a family holiday but after doing some research I think I might have sold it a bit short. Being Australian we think we know everything about Indonesia from all that we have heard from other people, in particular Bali. I am happy to say that I have discovered somewhere that has really peaked my interest! Read More

I have to be honest, I never even considered not taking Alannah to Hiroshima on our recent visit to Japan. Since then a lot of people have actually queried whether I took her or not making me start to wonder why I never gave it a second thought. I even had an older American lady approach me at Hiroshima and thank me for taking her. She said it is something all children can learn from. Read More