The Yarra Valley is a world renowned Victorian wine region. To be honest we haven’t spent a huge amount of time in the Yarra Valley which is strange given its only 90mins drive from home. The area specialises in all things hospitality and tourism and has a huge range of Yarra Valley accommodation from luxury boutique to budget options, there is something to suit every budget. Read More

Sri Lanka has been an emerging destination of interest for a few years now. I’ve been looking extensively at Sri Lanka family holidays for us and looking at all the different places I would love to visit. There are so many amazing places to visit in Sri Lanka, its very difficult to narrow down exactly where I would like to go because honestly, I’d love to see everything Sri Lanka has to offer.  Read More

What makes Bangkok even more exciting and enchanting are not just those magnificent temples and palaces and colourful street markets, but those added attractions and day tours one can enjoy. So, once you have explored the city and its countless attractions and enjoyed the culinary delights of the fragrant food stalls, it is time to explore what lies beyond the city. Read More

Caravan parks aren’t what they use to be. These days the good ones are totally focused towards children and making sure they are happy and well catered for. Most, these days, have a pool and jumping pillow but some go the extra mile. Like Big 4 Park Lane Holiday Parks, there are four in Victoria, Traralgon, Yarra Valley, Bendigo and Shepparton.  Read More

Is it Burma or Myanmar? A lot of people ask this question, closely followed by “when did Burma become Myanmar?”.  I can tell you that the Military Junta of the time changed the name in 1989 but both names are widely used both there and abroad. Our 2 week Myanmar family vacation was fantastic yet challenging at the same time. There are so many great places to visit in Myanmar with kids and I just wanted to see everything the country has to offer. Read More