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Our goal is to share experience, tips and tricks with all travelers. Especially families with kids who were living under the impression memorable vacations and worldwide travel is impossible on average income. But we also must not forget parents who wish to provide their children with fun and adventurous trips, and other tourists and travelers who look for travel inspiration.

Here at Our3kidsvtheworld we have one mission — to help kids and their parents find their way towards affordable travel and awesome vacations. Even if it means going away for fun weekend.

And like all of you, we’re on a lookout for additional income sources that might help us provide our own family with more frequent travels. That is why we compensate our work and efforts through affiliate links.

What are affiliate links?

When we recommend a product or service, we’ll set a direct link to the company’s website. Those particular links are called affiliate or referral links.

Whenever someone buys (recommended) products or services via our links, we’ll receive a commission from the vendor. Commissioned amounts vary from vendor to vendor, from a few bucks to a little bit more.

Most importantly, these commissions come at NO EXTRA cost to you.

The entire commission amount comes from the vendors’ pocket alone.

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Ethical Affiliate Policy

Your trust matters to us.

It has taken us years to build the relationship we have with all of you, and that’s something we deeply cherish and treasure. Moreover, as parents with average income, we ourselves always search for affordable services that offer quality. And that is why we will only recommend we use or have used ourselves.

Nonetheless, although we share the same beliefs, each of us is different. Thus, products or services that work for us don’t necessarily have to work for others. Therefore, before making any purchase, we advise you to take everything into account.

Although we will try to mark all referral links at least once on every page, you are free to assume that all branded and travel outbound links are indeed affiliate links.


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