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Best Day Tours from Bangkok  

What makes Bangkok even more exciting and enchanting are not just those magnificent temples and palaces and colourful street markets, but those added attractions and day tours one can enjoy. So, once you have explored the city and its countless attractions and enjoyed the culinary delights of the fragrant food stalls, it is time to explore what lies beyond the city.

I have visited Bangkok twice and Craig once however we haven’t actually got there with the kids yet, Bangkok is one of my favourite cities in Asia and we visited as part of our honeymoon many moons ago now! Visiting Bangkok with kids is definitely on my bucket list. Thailand is also very easy on the budget, making Thailand a very affordable option for larger families like mine.

There are plenty of things you should know before travelling to Thailand, it can be a little overwhelming for a first time visitor but its definitely worth getting out of your comfort zone and getting out and about exploring. Bangkok was the first Asian country I visited and I still love it as much as my first visit.


Planning a trip to Thailand can be a little overwhelming, particularly with all the amazing things to do in Bangkok. While there are myriad of attractions within the city such as visiting the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew, there are equally exciting opportunities for exploration outside the city. Why not browse Withlocals for some amazing day trips and tours to those exciting and enchanting spots beyond the city. Now you can take advantage of those innumerable chances that are sure to inspire your wanderlust for travel once more.

Once you have explored Bangkok and a Bangkok street food tour should be at the top of your list. Get off the beaten track and explore those day tours from Bangkok apart from the more traditional day trips such as the temples of Ayutthaya. And here are some of the best ones to enjoy and explore.

Visit the history of Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is just a few hours away from Bangkok and I highly recommend you have it on your itinerary. After all, there are numerous attractions to explore in this wonderful city like Death Railway Museum, Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum and Erawan National Park and more. Cross the bridge over the River Kwai and enjoy many more sites and attractions.

best day trips from Bangkok
Bridge on the River Kwai

I have visited Bridge on the River Kwai twice, its an incredibly moving experience and one that will etch into your memory. On both occasions I took a ride on the Thai-Burma Railway a.k.a Death Railway built by the first prisoners of war, there were 3,000 Australians that went to Burma from Changi Prison in Singapore on 14 May 1942 , then journeyed by sea to near Thanbyuzayat, the northern terminus of the railway. They worked on airfields and other infrastructure initially before beginning construction of the railway in October 1942. It’s estimated around 200,000 labourers from Asia also worked on the Thai-Burma Railway project under slave-like conditions, with estimates that up to 75,000 of those men died during the work.

Explore the Rose Garden

Rose Garden is just an hour’s drive from the city and is not a botanical garden as its name suggests. The garden is much more than just a Gardena as it has evolved over the years to become a cultural center. It is a world famous venue and acclaimed as Thai Village Cultural Show. Visit the Rose Garden to get aware of the highlights of Thai culture.

best day trips from Bangkok
Our kids love a cultural show and we have been to many cross Asia

We are big advocates for any cultural shows when we travel, we have visited a cultural show in Langkawi, a traditional Vietnamese water puppet show and the Phare, Cultural Circus in Cambodia. These are very educational for the kids and they definitely enjoy and thrive in the experience. Thailand having the humid, tropical climate cultivates an abundance of flowers in particular orchids which look sensational in bloom.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

It is must to make a trip to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, one of the most famous floating markets here. This is your chance to get familiar with the local culture as well as enjoy the wondrous offering of the colorful floating market. The Floating Market is about an hour away.

best day trips from Bangkok
Floating markets are so much fun and kids love the experience

These floating markets are extremely touristy however the industry now relies on visitors which will include both domestic and foreign tourists. While it is very touristy, its also a great experience and one kids will thoroughly enjoy. Make sure you purchase some fruit or street food and eat your way around an amazing market with delicious fresh produce brought right up to your long boat.

Stopover at Koh Si Chang Island

Seeped with history and culture, Koh Si Chang Island is a favorite getaway from the city. Koh Sichang is home to a Royal Palace built by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) in 1892. During its heyday the Palace boasted 4 mansions, 14 halls and a magnificent pavilion surrounded by ornamental gardens, ponds, walkways and a private beach. In 1900, after Koh Sichang was invaded by the French the main royal residence was pulled down. You will enjoy looking at the remains of the palace and the teak wood mansion. Explore the island and its many attractions and museums. There are plenty of restaurants that can dish out a tasty meal for you within minutes!

best day trips from Bangkok
Love sunsets from Thai Islands and Koh Si Chang Island doesn’t disappoint

Only an hour from Bangkok and a short ferry ride from Si Racha, you can be in paradise enjoying the lovely clear clean water even for a weekend getaway.

Sightseeing at Ko Kret

Ko Kret is just half an hour away from Bangkok, and here you will find the oldest settlements of Mon people. They were the leading tribe of central Thailand and flourished during the 6th and 10th centuries AD. Interact with them to learn more about their culture and customs.  Look at their handicrafts and local artifacts such as handmade terracotta pots that are sold at the weekend markets. You can browse for a wide array of souvenirs and unique food items here.

best day trips from Bangkok
You might even take yourself a nice souvenir to remember your visit

Khao Yai National Park for nature lovers

If you love being outdoors and being close with nature, then simply head for the Khao Yai National Park which is located on the Cambodian border. There are different options for you to enjoy in the park such as rafting on Khun Dan Prakan Chon Chan. Or, you could hike to the Wang Ta Kari Waterfall and Haew Narok Waterfall. Enjoy the spectacular greenery around and some magnificent views of the waterfalls amidst green nature.

best day trips from Bangkok
Thailand National Parks have breathtaking scenery


These are only a few of the many things to do to escape the craziness of Bangkok. We are definitely looking forward to getting back to Bangkok with our kids and I’m sure we will be giving a couple of the above ideas a run. Having done the main attractions, I’d definitely be interested in exploring off the beaten track parts of Bangkok. Its such a huge city with so much to see and do.

Have you been to Bangkok with kids? Did you manage to get out and explore a little further afield? If you think I have missed any amazing adventures please leave a comment below so I can add it to this post. Nothing like a recommendation from someone who’s been I say.

Happy travels,

Sal & Co.

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