Disneyland or Ocean Park – which is better?

Hong Kong Disneyland or Ocean Park, which is best suited for your child. This is the questions many of you will want answered and is the question I was asking myself before I went to Hong Kong. Which would be better suited for my kids, their age group, their heights. Here’s my opinion after visiting both in 2014 with our 3 kids aged 9, 7 & 5. I have also written more detailed post on Hong Kong Disneyland and on Hong Kong Ocean Park .


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Victoria Peak Tram with Kids – Family Travel Blog

The Victoria Peak Tramway is one of the busiest tourist attractions in Hong Kong and having been there twice I think it’s one that shouldn’t be missed. The tram departs from the central district through to the Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island and finishes at the Sky Terrace 428 where you will see the iconic view of Hong Kong over all the buildings. It covers a distance of 1.4 kms and an elevation of 400 metres. The tramway first opened on 28 May 1888 and took a total of 3 years to build. (more…)

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Air Asia – our upcoming flights to S.E.Asia in October 2014

I have a big birthday coming up in October & I always wanted to spend it in America, take the kids to Disneyland & visit Las Vegas & New York. As the date was getting closer I came to the conclusion that with the kids ages at the moment & the fact that they are exceptionally small for their ages (eg. 7 year old is the size of a 4 year old!) I decided this was not going to be the best option for us. (more…)

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