Chopper flight over Uluru with Ayers Rock Helicopters

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Last weekend I surprised Craig with a long weekend at Uluru for his birthday. I have always wanted to go to the Red Centre and do it in style, meaning without the kids! Things in the Red Centre are pretty expensive due to them having the monopoly, there are ways to save but that’s for another post later this week!

I have been planning this trip for 7 months and all the activities I decided to where must do’s! Number 1 on the list was a helicopter flight over Uluru. There are 2 companies that operate out of Uluru, these are Ayers Rock Helicopters and Professional Helicopter Services. I went with Ayers Rock Helicopter Services purely on price, as I received a discount through Viator.

We were collected by the Ayers Rock Helicopter Services courtesy bus right on 3pm and taken to the airport. The driver was our pilot, he ran through some safety procedures then checked the fuel level and ran the required safety checks. This took approximately 15 mins. We then got in the helicopter and fastened our belts.

Ayers Rock Helicopter Service

Off we went, you can pretty much see Uluru from the minute we got over the airport roof! We went over the Ayers Rock Resort and seeing as we had pretty much just arrived 2 hours earlier it gave us an excellent prospective of the area.

Uluru with the Ayers Rock Resort in front.

As our flight was at 3pm, the sun was behind us and Uluru was a beautiful shade of deep orange. It was the most beautiful sight and the sheer size of it is mind boggling. We had not yet been out to view the rock, this was I think, the best way to see it for the very first time.

Uluru from the air

We went to the left of the rock and then turned and hooked round to the right so we got a great view. It would have been nice to go round the rock but I had only a paid for 15min flight and after leaving from the airport it takes a little while to even get to the rock. After flying past the front of the rock we returned to the airport, my only regret, is not having done the 30min flight!!

It was Craig’s birthday so he got the front seat!

Me in the back

Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) from the air

Uluru through the chopper window

One more for good luck!


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