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We are Sally and Craig, and together we have three kids. Our hometown is Melbourne, Australia and we’re more than excited to know that you are considering working with us and Our3kidsvtheworld.

Here at Our3kidsvtheworld we encourage readers with three or more children to travel as often as possible. However, the harsh reality is that such adventures are often very expensive. Consequently, family vacations and travel trips feel out of reach for the average family.

Our mission is to change that and show parents different ways they can in fact afford to travel and provide their kids with excellent travel experiences, all at the same time.

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As a result, families feel inspired after reading our articles and blog posts.

Moreover, they gain confidence about travelling, so parents usually start planning their trips and booking reservations right away.

How do we know for sure? Because they reach out to us and provide us with positive feedback on how much we’ve helped them change their lives, and the lives of their children, for the better. And nothing makes us happier than knowing that we played a role in their successful pursuit for happiness.

We are very proud that Our3kidsvtheworld Family Travel Blog reaches these three main groups of readers:

  • parents who have always felt travelling was too expensive and lived under the impression they couldn’t possibly afford it;
  • parents who wish to provide their kids with fun, adventurous and educational travel experience, instead of the usual vacations that include only a beach or pool holiday in the sun;
  • tourists and travelers who search for fantastic travel ideas and travel destination inspiration.

Why should you be interested

We admit it.

Compared to some influencers and well-known travel bloggers, we are “small”. And even though we do everything by ourselves, we take pride in it.

Because, that is who we truly are — your everyday family with an average income — full-time working parents with kids. Quite naturally, it’s easy for our readers to identify with us, trust us and take action based on our advice and recommendations. After all, we share the same parental and life struggles.

We’ve come a long way over the years and we’ve enjoyed every step of that journey.

Most importantly, we’ve gained true friends with whom we share our ideas and experience.

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Working with us is more than just business

In 2017, Scoot and our very own Keira went on a mission to show the world the same message we are portraying with each blog post from the beginning: Adventures don’t stop when kids come along. They just pause only to evolve into amazing new experiences. Family travel is so much fun and life should always be about laughter and happiness.

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How can you work with our3kidsvtheworld

We are always on the look out for brands, hotels, agencies, booking services and other travel related companies that are a perfect fit with our travel philosophy.

You see, you must also be keen on helping and encouraging and/or providing our readers with outstanding and memorable travel experience.

The relationship we have with our friends and readers was forged with trust and mutual understanding. And we have every intent to keep it that way.

Happy collaborators

Just in case you still have any doubts whether you should collaborate with us, take a look at all testimonials and brands we’ve worked with over the years.

So, if you offer travel services (gear, organised trips, tours, thematic adventures, accommodation, etc.) that fall within our ethical guidelines in terms of providing families on average incomes realistic and affordable travel experience, and you want to collaborate with us (banners, reviews, sidebar advertising), you can reach us at or by filling out our contact form.

Thank you for taking interest in what we do.

Especially for wanting to make a meaningful difference in lives of so many families and their kids.

Sally, Craig & Our3kids