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2 weeks until departure – the ‘to do’ list!

Its just over 2 weeks until we leave for our first visit to Asia since having the kids. I must admit I am a little overwhelmed or should I say consumed with what needs to be done, redone, checked and packed! I hate to say it but am I turning into my mum! (not that I would be too upset, as she’s a good old bird!). Mum packs for weeks before she leaves and my sister and I always giggle about it but here’s me 2 weeks out from our trip thinking, is it too early to get the suitcases out and start packing? Am I just really excited or should I really be considering packing! I have always considered packing and more so unpacking a necessary evil and certainly not the best part of travelling. My attitude has always been, well if you don’t have it buy it or go with out. There is a certain amount of organisation required when traveling with kids though. So see below how I am turning over a new leaf and for this trip I am going to be, you heard it here first, organised!

Did I mention Alannah has a scout camp (not any camp but the Cubaree) the 3 days before we leave! In fact we are required to pick her up from camp a night early so that she can head to the airport the next morning for the trip. So I have to drive 2 hours to the other side of Melbourne (4 hour round trip) the day before departure. The kids are pretty good travellers, we lived interstate for a couple of years and we regularly travel so its nothing new to them. Although their longest flight thus far has been to New Zealand which was a 4 hour flight. This flight is going to be double that flight time and with early check in and clearing immigration at the other end is going to equal a long day for our munchkins.

I decided to make a list! My sister-in-law (who was been part of the family since I was 8 years old) is a prolific list writer and compared to me anally organised! She’s the ‘go to’ person for anything obscure thing you might have forgotten and I am sure she will have it! This trip, its going to be me. Yesterday I sat down and wrote out a list of the clothes that the kids are going to need. I haven’t taken something for everyday as I am assuming they will pick up a t-shirt or two along the way (eg. from Disneyland & Ocean Park). I reckon its ok to wear shorts more than once on holidays so have allowed for that. Underwear we have one for each day. Shoes are always hard, thongs and sneakers are all I’m going to take as the shoes in Hong Kong are awesome for little girls and my middle princess will be in her element. I’m taking one light hoodie for each of them. Strangely enough my kids don’t feel the cold, wish I could be the same.

I purchased a heap of packing cubes from Kathmandu last time they had a sale. I got them on sale for 3 for the price of 2.  This is going to be their first run, I will do a post about them on my return. I think they will be helpful for the kids and hopefully reduce the mess in the apartment rather than having clothes thrown around everywhere. I saw a few positive reviews on packing cubes and I’m keen to give them a shot. I have a cube each for underwear, tops, pants and odds (bathers, pj’s, socks) for each child and myself.

Now, I’ve also made a list for the documents that I need to take with me. This list consists of:

  • Passports;
  • Travel insurance policy;
  • Flight vouchers;
  • Ferry vouchers for HK to Macau;
  • Accommodation vouchers;
  • Tours vouchers for those booked online; and
  • Tours vouchers and location details for the tours booked and not yet paid for (email trail will should prices previous agreed so that there is no dispute upon arrival).

I will gather all these documents the weekend before we depart and place them all in a save place, most likely my carry on luggage.

I have also started to gather and place in one spot the things that I want to take with me. Things such as Lonely Planet Guides,  universal power adaptors, a power board so that only one adaptor is required, charges for cameras and iPods, travel pillows, combination locks for cases and organising a travel pack for the kids that will keep them amused once their iPod’s go flat.

I actually think I am more organised than I have ever been. If any of you travelling mumma’s out there can think of anything I have missed, please let me know in the reply section listed below.

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  1. Sarah

    I’d love to know how many times you pack, un pack and then re pack! Haha. Do the kids have their own checked in bags or are you doing it all in yours?

    My advice would be to take a change of clothes in your hand luggage – just in case the bags go wandering 🙂

    1. Sally

      Thanks for that tip Sarah, I certainly will now take a change of clothes and had not thought of that so thanks for sharing that one. I am going to starting the packing tomorrow with my trusty lists! So nerdy!
      We have checked luggage for 3 people, Craig and I and one to share for the kids. I will see how it goes and report back! I am going to take as little as possible and buy what I need clothes wise! Good excuse for shopping.

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