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Americans are travel-starved and ready to travel. Domestic bookings are breaking records, and people are hopeful about making up for the lost time.

If you’ve got the travel bug and are ready to plan your summer vacation, now is a good time to do some online searching and plan your well-deserved time out and about. Keep in mind that according to Hopper, a travel-booking app, there’s been a 75% increase in bookings since late February. Now could be a great time to put your dreams into action.

Of the many places to visit, San Francisco is almost always on the top of the list for California travel. There’s no question that this city gets the award for being beautiful, friendly, and easy to explore.

San Francisco with kids
The famous San Francisco trolley, a must do when visiting this city.

According to experts in the travel industry, rental cottages and family-style lodges are being snapped up rapidly. Families and friends are looking for places to ‘get away from it all and experience the great American tradition of summer vacation

Families are planning reunions, celebrations, and looking for ways to meet up in person with loved ones. It’s a natural urge after being cooped up and practicing social distancing for the last year. Vacasa, a rental home-management company reports a 300% increase over last year in bookings for large family-style properties.


As San Francisco is one of the most desirable travel destinations, it helps to have some options for affordable stays. If you haven’t considered it before, you may want to check out new options in coliving.

Coliving is a way to get a room or private apartment with a flexible lease. The spaces are fully set up with furnishings, housewares, and WIFI. Many people find that living with other like-minded people is the fastest way to form a community and live like a local.

Of course, if you decide to go with a coliving setup, begin with the end in mind. Having a peaceful and happy relationship with your roommate is the best way to enjoy your stay. While a verbal agreement is a good start, you may feel more secure with a written agreement. Rather than start from scratch, you can adapt a roommate template agreement to reflect your personal needs and preferences.

With this in hand, you’ll have a happy, affordable, and well-located place to start your explorations. 

Who knew that finding a room in San Francisco could be so easy?


If you’re a lover of nature and beauty, you are in the right part of the world. Check out the beautiful vistas from the Golden Gate Bridge. Explore the Headlands trails out to the ocean. Walk the length of Golden Gate Park.

There’s no shortage of natural and man-made beauty to explore.

visiting San Francisco
Go back in time at Alcatraz Prison


Whether you’re traveling with kids, or want to give room to your inner child, there are loads of fun things to do in San Francisco and the surrounding area. 

Jump on a trolley car and feel the wind in your hair. Climb the crazy winding streets of Lombard. Explore the hills and secret walkways in Sausalito. Grab a bike and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. 

If you’re up for a journey to another world, visit the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. Meet with friends for a refreshing green tea and sweet treats in the timeless teahouse.


Ask friends and roommates to share their favorite local haunts. This is the fastest way to start living like a local.

Love coffee? You’re in the right town. Check out everything from Peets, to Equator Coffee, to the little no-name stand down the street. With coffee stands and shops on every block, you can experiment and explore with glee.

Love pizza, chocolate, tea, bread, and everything delicious? You are in a town that loves food. Ask your neighbors. Interview locals. In no time, you’ll have a favorite bakery, pizzeria, and local joint to call your own.


San Francisco is home to wine bars, wineries, small-batch breweries, and more. If you’re a wine-lover, you’ll find tiny wine shops, major wineries, and local selections that you’ve never seen. If you prefer beer, check out the San Francisco legendary Anchor Steam. 

If you’re more of a juice, Kombucha, or smoothie lover, no worries. Walk down the street and you’ll find a remarkable selection of local options—most likely on your block.

But I got even more thrilled when I learned what’s possible with coliving. If you’re looking for affordable housing, a coliving space may be just what you’re dreaming about. Many of the buildings offer private rooms with a shared suite. You can get all the benefits of more expensive buildings such as a gym, a movie room, a furnished courtyard, a workspace, and a community lounge area.

I don’t know about you, but I like the whole idea of coliving. It makes it easy to try out different neighborhoods. With flexible leases, affordable costs, and everything set up, what’s not to love?


Brooklyn is a great place to stay healthy and happy. It’s a whole lot easier to stay active when you have a gym in your building. It’s also much more fun to go for a walk, ride your bike, or go for a run when you have neighbors ready to join you.

Of course, stay safe and keep up with the ever-evolving guidelines. I find that in Brooklyn, even with the CDC safety guidelines to wear masks and keep social distancing, it’s easier to find friends who are focused on fitness. Everyone seems to have a favorite yoga regime, running program, or bicycle route. You’ll never feel alone in your efforts to stay healthy.

Many of the people I’m meeting are digital nomads. As a tribe, I find we’re committed to staying healthy and happy. It’s not so hard to understand. When you’re nomadic, you do rely on your health for a sense of stability. That’s why meeting like-minded people and choosing an active lifestyle are so important.

Visiting San Francisco
Plenty of ways to keep active in San Francisco - riding the Golden Gate Bridge is just one.


As a digital nomad, it’s wonderful to find unpretentious places. Neighborhoods like Carroll Gardens have a rare small-town feeling of familiarity. Everyone seems to know his or her neighbors and shopkeepers. You get the feeling that everyone is on a first-name basis – from the neighbors to the cleaners, to the mail carrier.

When traveling, seeing real people enjoying their community is joyful. You see people of all ages – children playing, kids in strollers, and elderly people enjoying a moment outside. It’s the kind of neighborhood that makes you feel happy to be alive.

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