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Do you struggle to pack just what you need for your kids when going on holidays? I think I have mastered it now, after travelling regularly with our 3 kids over the past few years, I think I have had a bit of practice. For each person that subscribes to our blog, you will automatically receive my Kids Packing List, perfect for a 2 week holiday.

I have included the packing list for warmer and cool climates. Its a great guide of what you need so that you don’t end up over packing and carrying more luggage than you need. Its hard enough travelling with young kids let alone carrying a heap of luggage you just don’t need.

Worst still if you are travelling on a budget and end up having to use your spending money on purchasing new clothes because you didn’t back enough. Or having to look for a laundry and spend a day washing rather than being out and about enjoying your holiday.

You can print off the packing list and laminate it or save it to your computer and print off one each time you need to pack for the kids. I use this packing list when packing for my kids and I have found the amount of clothes perfect for a 2-3 week holiday. If you are going for only one week you can half the amount of most things.

I have also included the ‘must have’ things for flying with our kids and some great tips on the most effective way to pack the kids clothes.

What do you have to do to get this Kids Packing List for free? Subscribe to my blog! Easy, you will then receive all of our posts straight into your email box.

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Look forward to keeping you updated on all our travel adventures.

Safe travels!


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  1. Lynda

    Have subscribed and received our packing list. It’s awesome! Thanks.

    1. Craig Lucas

      Thank you, hope you find it useful. I’ve got it all organised now & the packing list helps.

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