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On our recent trip to Singapore we decided to visit Legoland Malaysia just across the border in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We were staying at the Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre which is located just off Orchard Rd in central Singapore and it took us approximately one hour (give or take) to get there. Getting to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore can be a bit tricky, hope this post helps you make your decision easier.

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Best ways to get to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore:

Legoland Malaysia from Singapore
Let the adventures begin!

There are a number of different ways to get to Legoland from Singapore, I have listed them below with approximate prices and  cons:

By Bus:

Catch the bus from the Klook Shared Bus Transfer, this will take you direct to Legoland

Cost: SGD$22  return

Cons: you will be required to exit the bus for clearing immigration both in Singapore and again at Malaysia. This process can take up to 2 hours but they generally advise to expect 1 hour. I spoke with a family that went to Legoland on a Saturday and it took them 2 hours in immigration on the return leg. I would suggest you avoid weekends if you decide to go by bus. You will still need to purchase your entry in to Legoland on arrival (cost recorded below).

The link above will take you straight to the booking page.

There is a public bus option but I strongly advise against this as it would be very difficult to coordinate but if you’re into that stuff google search ‘public bus to Legoland Malaysia’.

By taxi:

Another option is taking a taxi although this can be a bit difficult. You need to get a cross border taxi as a normal taxi can not cross the border. Cross border taxi are located at the Queens St Bus Terminal on Ban San Street and are identified as the yellow taxi.

Cost: SGD$80 each way (if you’re a keen barterer, you may negotiate down to SGD$70, however see how you go and report back below.)

Cons: be careful not to make the mistake of getting a Singapore Taxi, he will take you to the border but then you will be required to walk across the border and get a Malaysia Taxi on the other side, this leaves you exposed price wise, you will be at the mercy of the taxi driver knowing that he can inflate his prices as you will have to pay it to get there if there aren’t many taxi’s around. I would be really careful of this option.

By private driver:

This is the option we went with. I organised a private transfer through Klook Private Transfers . There are a number of others online but this is the one I went with, reason being it was substantially cheaper than others I contacted. A few I found online had Whats App numbers which I contacted and they provided me with prices. The best thing about a private driver is that when going through immigration you are able to stay in the car, the driver just drives up so that all people in the vehicle can be viewed by the Immigration Officer. It saved us a lot in time, we returned on a Sunday night and while it took us 2 hours to get home, one hour getting across the border, others I spoke to spent 2 hours alone in immigration.

Cost: SGD$200 return or there about.

Cons: it’s more expensive!

I’m glad I spent the extra money as it did allow us to set our own times instead of having to wait for a bus and have specific timeframes. I was also thankful that when the kids were tired on the way home we didn’t have to drag them off a bus and make them stand in line for 2 hours. We had to wake Caelan up to look up at the Immigration Officer. If we were travelling during the week when it is less busy, I would certainly have considered getting the direct bus as it is so much cheaper. You really need to consider your financial situation and what best suits your children.

If you know any other options, please leave me a comment below and I will add it to my post.

If crossing the border into Malaysia is not what you want to do, here’s some other family friendly activities you can do with the kids in Singapore:

Singapore Zoo – reportedly one of the top 10 zoos in the world, definitely one to visit while in town.

Night Safari – only one of its kind in Asia, located a 5 min walk from Singapore Zoo, takes you around the grounds in a tram so that you can view nocturnal animals doing what they do.

Universal Studios Singapore – visit you friends Gru and the Minion crew and get your thrills on the roller coasters, kids will love it.

Kidzania Singapore – let the kids role play their favourite career roles including pilot, cabin crew, radio DJ, doctor, dentist, baby nursery nurse and courier among many more.

Safe travels!

Sal and Co.







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  1. Samar

    It really seems tedious getting to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore. But I like the option that you chose —private transfer. It’s good to be seated inside the car and let the driver handle the immigration formalities. One thing I want to know though is, do I need a Malaysia Visa since I would be crossing Singapore border and entering Malaysia?

    1. Sally

      Hi Samar,

      No Australia’s do not require a visa for Malaysia, you will be issued a 90 day visa on arrival.


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