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How to troubleshoot problems

If you’re frustrated with your life, it’s probably because things aren’t going your way. You may also feel agitated if you keep stumbling into one problem after another. The best way to stop this downward spiral is to pause long enough to take inventory of what is happening in your life. 

When you observe what’s going on with a sense of detachment, something interesting happens. You stop thinking about what’s going wrong and stop feeling anxious or depressed. You also stop making your problems worse by taking irrational actions to resolve them.

If you can calm your mind long enough, you will begin to think about your issues practically. It’s possible that there are some simple solutions to your vexing problems. 

Here are some suggestions to get your life back on track, you’ve faced our fair share of challenges particularly when travelling. 

Tips for getting your life back on track.


If you’re a practical person who takes pride in thinking things out for yourself, there may be times when this do-it-yourself approach will not serve you well.  

Your self-reliance can get in your way if you don’t know enough about a situation to resolve it. It can also get in your way if you feel too distressed about a problem to think clearly about it. 

Let’s say your car has just been totaled. 

Since you need to make an insurance claim, you will need to know the actual cash value of your car. It’s important to figure out this value because that’s what an insurance carrier will pay you.  

If you can’t answer the question “what is the actual cash value of my car?” you won’t be able to negotiate effectively with your insurance company. As a result, you’ll receive a lower insurance payout for your car than what it’s worth. 

If you’re too bewildered to work out the replacement value of your car by deducting the wear-and-tear cost of your car after you purchased it from the dealership, consult with an insurance lawyer. You may be too shaken up by your accident to negotiate in a calm and fruitful way with your insurance company.

Know what things are worth.


What should you do if everyone in your family is constantly bickering and squabbling over almost everything? What should you do if your family members simply can’t get along with each other? 

As the head of your household, you can’t simply walk away. If you don’t take some action, it could lead to long-simmering conflicts between family members.

The chaos in your household may result from various family members feeling stressed out about what’s going on in their lives and taking out their frustrations on each other.  

Rather than pleading with everyone to be more reasonable, try a different approach.  

First, recognize that the issues your spouse and children are upset about are not the real problems. The real problem is stress. 

Stress has a way of disrupting clear thinking. Your family members feel overwhelmed by whatever is going on in their lives. 

Second, recognize the solution to all this chaos is to propose a change of scene. Once you pull everyone out of their current environment and put them in a novel, stimulating one, they will spontaneously get insights on the drama in their lives and come up with their own solutions.

Ask your family if they would like to go on a vacation. Once they agree, discuss the details.  

Let’s say your family agrees that a week in San Francisco would be wonderful. The next step is to work together as a family to plan the trip. Decide when to go, where to stay, and what places to visit.

Full House memories! The Painted Ladies


When you feel overwhelmed by whatever is going on in your life, the simplest solution is to get a new perspective.

One way to change how you look at situations is to ask someone with more knowledge and skills to advise you.

Another way is to temporarily pull yourself out of your familiar environment. A change of scene can often help you see things in a new light.

We will all face problems and challenges in life but it really comes down to how you deal with those hurdles. These tips may help you deal with your problems a little easier with just making a few small changes to your life. 

A problem shared is a problem halved!

What’s your tips for handling problems you face in your life? Leave me a comment below. 

Stay safe, 

Sal, Craig & Our3kids.

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