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Many Americans are looking to get away after the long isolation caused by the pandemic of 2020. If you’re planning a vacation for yourself and your family, Aruba has much to offer.

Aruba is the perfect spot to visit following the pandemic. Close to home, only a short flight away from mainland America. The perfect place to get your travel mojo back into gear. 

Aruba extends 70 square miles. It has an average temperature of 88 degrees and while tropical it has continuous trade winds that provide relief keeping you comfortable even during the hottest months from June through October. Outside of the hurricane belt and featuring an abundance of sunshine, eight hours on average and beautiful white sandy beaches provide a fantastic backdrop that’s both soothing and uplifting.


When planning your vacation to Aruba, you have several choices regarding a place to stay. You can book your trip at an all-inclusive resort, a vacation rental property, a timeshare, or stay at one of the many luxurious hotels. 

All-inclusives are a fantastic choice for families that prefer to have meals planned and an itinerary to keep children entertained. These places also have indoor and outdoor dining giving you a chance to spend more time outdoors. They provide the ultimate setting with all the amenities to make your time convenient and enjoyable. 

A cabana or beach house rental located on the water is wonderful for families that prefer to be spontaneous. You can find rental properties that feature incredible living rooms with beautiful views, luxurious bathrooms and even amazing outdoor kitchen designs. Many of the hotels on the island include breakfast and have maid service so your room remains fresh upon return at the end of each day if you choose to go that route.


Brilliant sunshine coupled with a low percentage of rain throughout the year provides seemingly endless things to do. Take a stroll along the beach, swim, snorkel, and sail. There’s also volleyball, off-road ATVs, jeep safari adventure to Baby Beach where you come up close with aquatic life, rare plants, and other natural attractions. Take a guided tour of the island, go horseback riding on the beach and watch beautiful sunsets while out on the water. 

You can also get first-hand experience all on your own by hitting the hiking and nature trails or rock formations that give kids a chance to climb. After dark, you can attend movie night or watch a show together.


Aruba has food choices featuring influences from Dutch, South American, Portuguese, Spanish and the Caribbean. Some popular food choices include fried plantain, Keshi Yena, and cheese balls called Bolita di Keshi, fried to perfection, a favorite snack for kids. 

If you love Asian and Indian food, Aruba features some of the finest restaurants. For those with traditional American taste buds, finding bagels, burgers, and steak is not a problem. There’s TGI Fridays, Hooters and the Hard Rock Cafe. 


Traveling outside the country often causes anxiety and stress. The unknown can take away from an otherwise fun time. Aruba is a safe island, promoted as one of the best places for families to vacation in the Caribbean. Crime rates are low allowing you to feel free to venture to various locations on the island without worry. Although, it’s always in your best interest to avoid situations that leave you alone after dark.


Aruba does have its own currency called “florin.” However, American dollars and travelers’ checks are accepted anywhere on the island. In most cases, there’s no additional fee for using your money. Additionally, if you need cash, ATMs are available throughout and dispense both the island currency and American.

After sheltering in place for over a year, a visit to the pristine island of Aruba will allow you and your family to live again. Decide ahead of time what type of accommodations and the location you prefer to ensure you get the most out of your stay. It’s also important to make a checklist of your clothing and essentials and purchase traveler’s insurance.

So, what are you waiting for? Book that vacation today!

Aruba sounds like the next hot spot to visit, get in first and be a destination setter. 

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