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Whether for the first time or the fifth, becoming a mother is always a whirlwind—a whirlwind of emotions, things to get done, and stress (good and bad). But, something that no one ever tells you when you’re becoming a mother is that you can still chase your dreams and have it all. It may not come as quickly as it would without children, but maybe that makes the reward of achieving it a little sweeter.

One thing that’s on everyone’s list is traveling the world, and this can absolutely be done as a mother. However, there are a few things that you’ll need in your carryall to make things just a little bit easier. Here’s our must pack items for mamas traveling with families. 

Not just for the kiddos, you need treats for yourself too. Of course, you want to make sure the snacks are as healthy as possible. Traveling as a family takes a little more effort on everyone’s part, and sometimes things can get exhausting. Becoming cranky or tired is less likely to happen if you’ve got your arsenal of healthy snacks at the ready. You also want to make sure that everyone is equipped with a reusable water bottle and stays hydrated on your journeys. If you’re a new mama and you’re breastfeeding on your trip, make sure to pack some lactation bites to keep your supply up even if you’re not hydrating or eating as you typically would if you were at home.

first aid kit

It’s no secret that we all should be including a first aid kit in our bags when heading on a trip. It’s also not a secret that this critical item often gets overlooked or downsized out when we’re trying to pack as minimally as possible. However, this is a can’t skip if you’re a mother. You never know when something could happen and how far you’d be from help if it did. Best to air on the side of caution and be prepared. Even kits tailored to specific age groups of children are online you can buy if it would give you added comfort.

pack appropriate clothes

You don’t want to have a close call of running out of clothing for your kiddos. Packing for especially young children can be daunting since you know how much you’ll need to fill based on how often your child tends to get their clothes dirty, if they’re potty trained or still in diapers, etc. The best tip for traveling with younger children that require things like bibs, diapers, swaddles, anything like that is to use compression bags. Using these bags allows you to fit many items into a suitcase and maybe save room for some souvenirs they pick up along the way. Depending on how long you’ll be staying at your destination, it’s also worth bringing things like some clothespins and a small wire to be able to do laundry on the fly in your hotel room or at your campsite. Wash before dinner and hang; it’ll be ready for use the next day. Win, win.

camera & tech gear

Indeed packing a camera goes without saying, but the memories being made on each trip must be documented. As parents that travel with their children, you’re not only giving them the invaluable gift of learning about new cultures and seeing the world, you’re planting the seed for them to seek adventure as adults on their own. Make sure you’ve brought your camera along to document their young journeys for them.

If travelling with a teen or any child, make sure you pack the iPad charger and a spare. Technology is the best way to survive long travel days whether it be planes, trains or automobiles. 


If you’re traveling with babies or very young children via airplane, it’s never a bad idea to come armed with an “Airplane Kit.” Sure, older kids and teens are OK with their AirPods and smartphone, but it’s not so easy when they’re much younger. These kits also work for car or train travel, so they’re a great thing to have if you’re a traveler in general. Aside from the obvious like diaper wipes, pacifiers, nursing cover-ups, you want some snacks they may view as a treat that they’re generally not allowed to have to ease anxiety. You’ll also want at minimum five books and some crayons, and a notepad. Small figurines to play pretend with and a cuddly stuffy to ease travel anxiety are perfect as well. Flashcard sets and toys that you can interact with while teaching your child during the flight are a great idea too.

This list will help you have a safe and seamless trip whether you’re going to Shanghai or Paris. Bon Voyage!

Do you have any must pack items I’ve missed? Tell me about them in the comments below. 

Safe travels, 

Sal, Craig & Our3kids. 

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