Having just returned from a trip around Myanmar, I feel like I have learnt a few things which will assist anyone heading there for the first time. Being a frequent traveller to South East Asia, I thought I was pretty prepared however, there were a few things that even caught me off guard. Here’s my top Myanmar travel tips to make your trip a lot smoother. Read More

I’ve always said it and I’ll say it again, there’s something special about Shangri-La Hotels, I call it ‘the Shangri-La Way’ something that stands out and a welcome you won’t receive any where else. The Sule Shangri-La Hotel, a very popular luxury hotel in Yangon Myanmar was no different, once you step inside those doors, you know you’re about to experience something truly wonderful and it never fails to impress.  Read More

We recently stayed at the Sedona Hotel Yangon, a perfect little oasis located across from Inya Lake away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Yangon. The Sedona Hotel Yangon was definitely one of the top places to stay in Yangon. This was the first stop on a 2 week journey around Myanmar, taking in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake before heading back to Yangon for our departure. We were full of anticipation and excitement at visiting a new country in South East Asia, one of our favourite places to travel as a family.  Read More

I was determined to give the kids the best experience while in Mexico during our port stop with Carnival Cruise. The Carnival crew advised an organised Carnival tour was the best option for experiencing the cenotes near Playa del Carmen and given time constraints it is really the only option for a cenote visit. Read More

Close your eyes and think about a luxury Maldives resort, what thoughts rush into your mind? Can you feel the hot sun flowing over you and the pure white fine sand rubbing between your toes? Those are the things I think about, then throw in glorious sunsets over a beautiful white sand beach with overwater bungalows just off shore. Well the Maldives is all of that and a whole lot more. Read More