Disney MaxPass is the new kid on the block. They were introduced to Disneyland Parks about June 2017 and have quickly caught on. You operate your Disneyland MaxPass through the Disneyland App and it’s very efficient, we used it on our recent visit to Disneyland Los Angeles. Read More

Alcatraz is the most popular attraction for tourists visiting San Francisco, Craig being the history buff in the family said from the outset that he wanted Alcatraz on the itinerary. I was a little concerned to visit Alcatraz with the kids as I wasn’t sure it would be appropriate for them. I am happy to report it was more than suitable for the kids and they really enjoyed it, especially the Alcatraz ferry across to the island. Read More

Knott’s Berry Farm dates back to 1920’s when it was a family owned farm that sold berries, homemade berry preserves and pies on the roadside. Later in 1934, a tea room was created and they started selling fried chicken dinners. Soon after Mrs Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant was established. The restaurant is still on the site but now located outside the theme park. Keep reading for our comprehensive Knott’s Berry Farm review. Read More

Australia is saturated with American movies and television programs. So when we started planning our Warner Brothers Studio Tour, I knew that much of it would be familiar to us. Some of our most favourite programs are filmed here and I was looking forward to seeing behind-the-scenes where all the magic is made. Read More

Of all the hotels that we were staying at on our USA trip, The Venetian, the Venice of Las Vegas, was the one I was most looking forward to, I was told it is one of the best family hotels in Las Vegas. The Venetian was at the end of our road trip from San Francisco through San Diego, Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon and then into Las Vegas. We stayed there for 3 nights and I couldn’t have been happier. Read More