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Going on vacations can be expensive, especially if you have kids. We know, because we have three.

That’s why we have established this blog to share our discoveries and experience on how we manage to do what we do on an average yearly income with you.

Follow us and the kids on our trips over the world and learn how you can do it too.

Hello, We're Sally and Craig

Together with our three kids, Alannah (14), Keira (12) and Caelan (10), we make the Lucas family. Australia is our home country and we love to travel, both locally and overseas. Naturally, with our kids in tow.  

Since we do not fit within the “2 adults & 2 kids” category, journeys can be expensive, especially abroad.

Although we are only part-time travelers, we both enjoy our jobs. Also, we are lucky our jobs allow us above-average annual leave. Our adventures include camping over the weekends, as well as our holiday twice a year. And even though we love to go away, we also love to come home.

Darwin with kids

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