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Over the years while the kids were young, we have gone to Queensland on a few occasions to visit the theme parks. Depending what age the kids are at the time, depends on which parks we visit. Most recently we visited SeaWorld, Wet’n’Wild and Movieworld on a VIP 3 park super pass. We even managed to get a special price of buy 3 get one pass free which saved us $89. Its definitely one of the better Gold Coast theme park packages. 

We found this was the best value for money and provided a few different options now that the kids are a bit older and it also provided unlimited access to the parks for the duration of our stay in Queensland. We returned for a second visit to both Movieworld and Wet’n’Wild so we sure did get value for money.

The VIP 3 Park Super Pass

See below for what we thought of each park:


Wet’n’Wild is good for all ages. The theme park covers off with something for toddlers through to big kids (husbands)! We found that Alannah was able to go on a good variety of the rides there, she was 9 at the time but small for her age. The younger two were 5 and 7 and a little restricted but were able to ride a few of the waterslides. They all spent a good amount of time at the water play area, Buccaneer Bay, which is targeted at the younger kids.

3 park super pass
At Buccaneer Bay, the kids played for hours here.

The kids also enjoyed the Aqua Racer water slides, Calypso Beach were you float around on blow up rings and Mammoth Falls were there is 4 to a tube and you go down together. These were for all the family, even mum had a go at Calypso Beach and the Mammoth Falls. Watch out for your thongs though as Keira’s got stolen while we were on the ride.

3 park super pass
At Calypso Beach, trying to not lose anyone!

Craig loves rides and was keen to go on everything. Alannah considers herself a thrill seeker she’s certainly more of a thrill seeker than her mother! She went on all the rides that she was able to go on and some of them she even went back for a second go. She went on the Kamikaze and the Tornado which I was pretty impressed with.

We spent 2 days at Wet’n’Wild and everyone was happy. The younger ones were happy and entertained and not hanging around waiting while Craig and Alannah were on rides which is always much better for me. I sat to the side of Buccaneer Bay and watched the kids play in the water while Craig went off and got his adult ride fix. Its a good all round theme park for all ages. Highly recommend it, I think it would be great for teenagers and I look forward to returning there when the kids are older.


I love SeaWorld. I think its fantastic for the younger kids with all the different animals and especially the dolphin show. Nickleodeon also does a twice daily kids shows with Dora the Explorer and Sponge Bob which the little ones love. Our kids saw Dora the Explorer there a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Currently they have meet and greet with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters and I know Caelan would love that too!

Traditionally there had  been a water ski show at SeaWorld but they have recently changed that to a Jet Ski and Speed Boat Show that Caelan thought was brilliant. There’s plenty there to keep the little ones entertained. I think its great that they have changed to this show as the ski show was great but was getting a bit, well yesterday!

3 park super pass
The extent of mums braveness! The Viking Flume at SeaWorld

What has changed over the years since we have been visiting, is the appeal of SeaWorld to the older kids and teenagers (and the big kids – husbands). I’ve always felt that SeaWorld lacked in activities for this age group. Times are changing though and SeaWorld must be taking that on. Our last visit revealed some fairly substantial changes in the rides department, SeaWorld is starting to step it up a bit. The new Storm Coaster and Jet Rescue are a welcome addition and Craig, Alannah and Keira had a couple of goes on both. Caelan and I had a ride on the Viking Rescue Flume ride while we were waiting for them. Mum being as brave as ever, even had to close her eyes on the Viking Rescue Flume!

3 park super pass
Alannah during her swim with the dolpins

The best thing we have done at SeaWorld was on our last trip when the girls went swimming with the dolphins. Its an extra cost on top of the entry price and a fairly substantial one at that ($160 per child). Even though it cost me a kidney, it was still worth every cent to watch their faces when they were in the water with the dolphin. Unfortunately there is a height restriction and Caelan did not meet that pre-set height so he was unable to participate. Another time, I am sure we will return there in a few years time.

3 park super pass
Imagine Dolphin Show is always a winner.


We have only visited MovieWorld once, on our last visit to Queensland. MovieWorld has some pretty out there roller coasters so I can imagine it would be pretty popular with the teenagers and Craig! There were a lot of rides there that our kids just weren’t able to go on which was a bit of a shame. Caelan was particularly disappointed as he was 1cm to short for the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster so while Craig and the girls went on the me and my little man went and watched the Hollywood Stunt Driver show and he was pretty impressed with that. In fact he didn’t take his eyes off it so that was a good distraction. We actually watched that on both show times he enjoyed it so much.

3 park super pass
The Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster

The three of them were able to go on the Road Runner Rollercoaster in the Warner Brother Kids Zone where the rides are focussed on younger kids. One thing I did like about this area was that the Warner Brothers characters were wondering around for photo opportunities. You could have professional photos at pre-set times but in this area the characters rotated through and you could take photos with your own camera with the characters and the kids.

All the kids loved Main Street and the Star Parade. It was Batman Show when we were there, Caelan was in his element. That made up for missing out Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster ride, maybe! We had a few professional photos as souvenirs, the kids love Scooby Doo so one with the Scooby Crew and you cant go to MovieWorld and not have a Bugs Bunny photo! I’m all for practical souvenirs, so we bought them beach towels which they chose themselves with there favourite Warner Brother characters on them.

3 park super pass
The Batman Show in Main Street.

Craig had a few goes on the roller coasters and he and Alannah returned the next morning to get their fill! I said they can knock themselves out if I didn’t have to stand with the other two waiting so we stayed by the pool at the place we were staying and they went and did the big kids rides. Even Craig said the rides were pretty impressive especially the Green Lantern, Arkham Asylum and Superman Escape.

Which park was best?

Well, that depends on who you ask. They loved all the parks for all different reasons. The girls loved swimming with the dolphins. Caelan loved MovieWorld which was surprising as most of the rides he wasn’t able to ride on. It always surprises me when you do things and then ask them what there favourite thing was, its rarely what you think its going be! Alannah’s thrill seeking tendencies is a real surprise, I thought she would be more like me and be a bit chicken! Keira seems to like the coasters as well and the little man, well he’s all boy so he’s going to love them too.

Looks like next time we go I will be waiting and holding all the bags by myself! Pack horse, part of being a mum hey!

While on the Gold Coast we stayed at the Mantra Sun City Resort, we had a great stay here with our room on the 32nd floor looking straight down the Gold Coast strip. If you are considering visiting Dreamworld, we found there wasn’t much there these days for the older kids. I think they really need to do some refurbishing of some the rides.

We took a day trip from the Gold Coast and went snorkelling at Tangalooma Wrecks off Moreton Island, we found that a great options for something a little different to theme parks.

Safe travels!





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  1. Sarah

    Haven’t been to the Queensland parks in years! But last time I went Movieworld was my fave. Went on the superman ride over and over again.

    1. Sally

      Yes the kids seem to enjoy MovieWorld the best too, which I was surprised as I thought SeaWorld would have been. They’re all great and we manage to go there about every 5 years. I think that we get the best value for money as they kids seem to have forgotten by then that we have been there before! I want to wait a bit for Dreamworld as I know there I will spend most of the day holding bags while the rest of the family head on the rides!

  2. Aimee Jinkins

    I haven’t been to Queensland in years, its always so much fun. Your blogpost makes me want to go back so much!!!

    1. Sally

      Hi Aimee, Queensland is so much fun, especially when the weather in Melbourne is so cold.

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