Ayers Rock campground

Our recent trip to Uluru was a bit of a knee jerk reaction to some cheap flights I managed to book without fully researching what other associated costs would amount too! Gotta love that hey, book before you think!! I’m rather good at it. Here’s my review of the Ayers Rock campground

Sounds of Silence Dinner

For Craig’s birthday this year I surprised him with a long weekend to the Red Centre! On the day that we arrived we started off with a helicopter ride over Uluru, you can read about that experience here and we followed that up with the Sounds of Silence dinner.

For Craig’s birthday I surprised him with a trip to the Red Centre, part of that trip was a day trip to Kings Canyon with AAT Kings.  AAT Kings is a well oiled machine and the tours are run exceptionally well. The bus does a loop of the Ayers Rock Resort and picks up all the people attending the tour, our pick up time was 4.50am! Then we head straight to Kings Canyon and completed the amazing Kings Canyon rim walk. 

Last weekend I surprised Craig with a long weekend at Uluru for his birthday. I have always wanted to go to the Red Centre and do it in style, meaning without the kids! Things in the Red Centre are pretty expensive due to them having the monopoly, there are ways to save but that’s for another post later this week!