Alannah has to be the biggest fan of Harry Potter so when we decided we were going to Japan I knew Universal Studios was going to be top of the list. Universal Studios Japan was celebrating it’s 15th birthday during 2016, with Harry Potter World opening in July 2014. I can’t explain how excited Alannah was when we arrived so Harry Potter world was first cab off the rank.

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If you’re planning to move between cities in Japan you’re best off purchasing a Japan Rail Pass, or JR Pass, it will save you a huge amount of money. We will help you with where to buy Japan Rail Pass, as it also includes some local travel in the cities which will also save you some money. Working out the rail system in Japan will take a little while but once you get the hang of it it’s fairly easy to navigate. Well lets say you will navigate…

After 2 red eye flights in a row, we arrived in Osaka at 8:30 in the morning. After organising our rail passes for our Japan adventure we jumped on the train to Osaka Station and then had a 10 minute walk to the hotel. Choosing some where to stay in Osaka was difficult although the Ritz Carlton Osaka’s close proximity to Osaka Station was very handy.