We’ve had a big year here at our3kidsvtheworld, its not until you stop and look back that you realise just how much we have done. Before we get into our yearly wrap up, I want to thank our followers for coming along for the ride and I am hopeful that you are all getting out there and enjoying holidays with your families as well. We don’t earn a fortune but we make holidaying a priority with what we have.

Bay of Fires

I wasn’t going to write this post as there’s a chance its going to make me look pretty silly but decided that its good to show that travelling with kids is not always perfect and that the best made plans don’t always go as planned! Bay of Fires Tasmania was to be the highlight of the trip….

For our last night in Tassie I decided we needed a change of scenery and it was perfect timing considering I wasn’t too happy with the Tamar Valley Resort. I had read a review about the Beauty Point Riviera Hotel and as I had planned to visit Seahorse World and Platypus House, it was the perfect place for the night. Beauty Point Tasmania is a sleepy little seaside town, much like the Great ocean Road towns use to be like. 

Located right next to Seahorse World in Beauty Point, Tasmania is Platypus House. Its similar in size to Seahorse World and takes approximately the same amount of time to visit. Expect to spend no more than one hour, the tour is 30-40 mins and then allow a few minutes for the souvenir shop.

Grindelwald Tasmania is a small village about 15 minutes drive from Launceston or approx 17kms. The village is a replica of a small Swiss village. The homes look like what you would expect in Switzerland. The actual resort itself is also based on a Swiss village along with the little shopping chalets and restaurant. We were booked to stay there for 3 nights.

After checking out of the Tamar Valley Resort, we headed north for our final night in Tasmania. We had  a night booked at the Beauty Point Riviera Hotel that evening. There were a couple of things I wanted to do with the kids before we checked in though. Seahorse World and Platypus House are conveniently located next to each other in Beauty Point, Tasmania.

During our recent trip to Tasmania we spent the Sunday at Cradle Mountain and that was our last day with Craig, that evening we dropped him at Launceston Airport so that he could return to Melbourne for work on Monday morning. The kids and I continued on with our holiday before returning to Melbourne the following Friday. We had hoped to visited Mole Creek Cave on the way home from Cradle Mountain with Craig. 

The kids and I arrived in the Friday morning on the Spirit of Tasmania, Craig wasn’t flying in until that night so I wanted something to do with the kids that was local and not too far to go. I had been to Cataract Gorge before and thought that would be a great option to keep the kids busy for a few hours. While in Launceston we stayed at Swamp Cottage which is not far at all Cataract Gorge.

Unfortunately we chose the worst day to go to one of the most beautiful places in Tasmania,  Cradle Mountain, but luckily it does not take away from the beauty of the place. Cradle Mountain with kids is amazing, a prefect place for them to explore and get out and get dirty.

Over the June school holidays we took the Spirit of Tasmania for a quick winter break. The ship docked at 6am and we were off soon after 6.30am. Finding suitable family accommodation Launceston was relatively easy. We arrived on the Friday morning and we had a house booked through Stayz for two nights over the weekend in Launceston. Craig was flying in that evening as he had work commitments and could only get away for the weekend.