When you’re jetting off on a family holiday costs can quickly mount up.  I know this all too well with a family of five to organise. In previous posts I’ve written about how to get the most out of budget airlines, but there are plenty of other ways to save money.  Read on for some money saving tips for travelling with kids, especially now the holiday season is in full swing in the northern hemisphere!

Tropical Holiday

After many years of holidaying both at home and in Asia I feel I have finally mastered what I do and don’t need to pack for a tropical holiday. People are always asking me what are the essential things I take with me on a tropical holiday. So with careful consideration and I have come up with my list, read on.

SFI - Wrap up post 2016

Wow, so its Christmas week already, it feels like yesterday I was excited about heading off to Cambodia at the end of July. We have had so many amazing experiences this year and it’s going to be hard to top in 2017 but I’ll give it a red hot crack! So I thought this week we would wrap up the highlights of the year including our favourite hotels in each place.

Night Safari, Singapore

The Night Safari opened in Singapore in 1994 and was the first zoo to showcase nocturnal animals. The park is divided into seven geological regions that you can explore via four walking trails. If you are travelling with kids or those not up to walking the tracks there is also a tram ride that drives around all the exhibits and provides a live commentary as you go.

During our recent trip to Vietnam, we needed a hotel close to the Ho Chi Minh City airport as we had a late flight in and then a flight out the next morning and I didn’t see the point in going right in to town. The kids had been on the road for close to 19 hours when we arrived in Vietnam. 

Mekong Delta

Craig and I visited the Mekong Delta last time we were Vietnam in 2003, we were really keen to take the kids there and experience it for themselves. Originally Craig had said he wanted to do a homestay on the Mekong but we didn’t have enough time in HCMC to fit it in which was a shame. We were determined they wouldn’t miss out though so a day trip was the only other option.

On our recent visit to Vietnam, I was a bit worried about the kids not being interested enough. The other Asian cities we have been to, have had big tickets items such as Disneyland, Ocean Park and spending a day volunteering at an elephant shelter. We had nothing like that organised for Vietnam and I wasn’t sure there would be enough to keep them interested.

During our recent visit to Vietnam we had a free day in Nha Trang so we decided to take the kids to see some Cham Towers. We had visited some other Cham Towers last time we were there but I had seen Po Nagar Cham Towers from the road on the way in to Nha Trang after our wonderful stay at An Lam Resort at Ninh Van Bay. Po Nagar is a Hindu temple dating back to 781.

We recently travelled to Nha Trang, Vietnam and had the opportunity to to be guests of the Evason Ana Mandara Resort. Evason Ana Mandara belongs to the Six Senses Group is the only resort located on the Nha Trang foreshore with absolute beach front access and has been a favourite for visitors to Nha Trang since its establishment 18 years ago. 

Located right next to Seahorse World in Beauty Point, Tasmania is Platypus House. Its similar in size to Seahorse World and takes approximately the same amount of time to visit. Expect to spend no more than one hour, the tour is 30-40 mins and then allow a few minutes for the souvenir shop.