I thought it was about time I gave you another update on our plans for a white christmas which we have been planning for over 2 years now. I can’t believe it’s finally here and that we can really start planning and setting things in motion. I do have some great news though, our return flights from Melbourne to San Fransisco have been booked and in true fashion, we had major issues!! So without further adieu let me fill you in on the dramas!!

So, anyone who’s been around for a bit will know that I’m working towards taking the family for a white Christmas in 2017. You can read about my first post here, where I was deciding what options we would have if it all came into fruition. 

Who from the Southern Hemisphere wouldn’t like to experience a White Christmas right? That’s what I keep telling my sister and her husband when I am trying to talk her into taking a family holiday to experience a northern hemisphere Christmas. Once I win her over, I will mention it to the rest of the family and see if I can get some traction on this wild pipe dream of mine! I’ve told her I’ve made a hash tag for it so it has to happen, doesn’t it!