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Last weekend Keira and I flew up to Sydney to visit her friend Bella. We do this regularly as Bella is Keira’s best friend from when we lived in Sydney, kinda strange as they’re only 7 but they are like 2 old women and love each others company like no other. Helps that I kinda like Bella’s mum Venessa.

This trip was snappy, due to me double booking myself! I got these flights back in September and then committed to the 5.4km Run4Kids for the Royal Children Hospital in Melbourne. I decided it was best for me to rebook my flights and return Saturday night and then do the run on Sunday – win/win!

Ness rang me as she always does to fill me in on what we can do with the girls whilst we are in town. This time she suggested that we go to the Cinderella Premiere at the State Theatre. I knew that Keira and Bella would absolutely love that and I’m never adverse to visiting Sydney’s beautiful city centre.

We flew from Avalon airport on Friday night and arrived in Sydney about 8pm. Sydney Airport was manic on this Friday night, not sure why and I have been through there a number of times now. Venessa picked us up from the public pick up zone and after the girls calmed down from their squealing and hugging and kissing we piled in the car and off we headed to Venessa’s house. The girls watched a movie and talked until 12.30am and finally fell off to sleep top and tailing in Bella’s bed!

As usual the girls were up at sparrow’s! They watched TV for a bit and had some breakfast, we then headed into Newtown for a quick lunch of dumplings, my kids’ favourite meal! By this time the girls were pretty excited, will Prince Charming be there? Will we see Cinderella? Amazing to see them so excited.

Lunch - Dumpling King
Lunch at the Dumpling King before the movie.

We then headed into town to find a car park and get there with plenty of time. We arrived an hour and a half early and the queue was already out the door with little excited princesses! The younger kids were all dressed up in Cinderella outfits, our big 8 year olds were just a bit too big for that! We weren’t there long and the line started to move. I had been to the State Theatre in Sydney before but had forgotten just how beautiful it was inside. The detail in the ceiling is just outstanding especially since it opened in 1929!

Foyer - Sydney State Theatre
The foyer of the Sydney State Theatre, opened in 1929

In the foyer of the theatre they had fairies and princesses and a boxed glass shoe for viewing. One of the princesses was handing out tiara’s for all the little girls, there was tiny princesses everywhere. The princess had a special princess mist to spray the kids with so that they smelled like Cinderella all day! I loved that the fairies and princesses took the time to chat to the girls and then posed for photos.

Fairies and princesses
Plenty of fairies and princesses around to keep them entertained!

The girls were very excited to meet Prince Charming (aren’t we all, said Venessa, we did have a giggle!). They asked the princesses who told them that Prince Charming was upstairs which was handy as we had dress circle tickets. Seems not only our girls were excited about Prince Charming! He was trying on glass slippers on each little lady and posing for photos. The girls both had a photo and thought that was pretty special.

Prince Charming
Prince Charming was a hit!
Prince Charming
Check out those smiles

The show started at 2.30pm but there was a super surprise at the start for all the little ladies in the house – Frozen Fever, a short film played before the main feature. There was silence in the theatre after the initial squeals of Frozen! Anyone with a little lady will know exactly what I am talking about! Our girls loved it, Keira in particular is a big fan of Frozen.

Sydney State Theatre
Very impressive theatre inside & out!

The movie started and the popcorn copped a good whack, I don’t think I actually got any after Cinderella started. Its the classic storyline but even though I knew what was going to happen I still really enjoyed it. Our own Cate Blanchett was great and played the step mother really well. Cate was probably the only big name actor in the movie but all parts were played very well. Cinderella’s dress at the ball is a real stand out.

Little ladies
Patiently waiting, little ladies!

Keira and Bella sat through the whole movie and loved every minute of it. It was prefect for their age group as they are able to sit and watch a whole movie. I asked them on the way out what was there part and Keira liked when the pumpkin turned into a carriage and Bella’s was when Prince Charming and Cinderella were dancing together at the ball. They revelled in every bit of it and their little faces were priceless to watch during the movie. Most of the kids in the theatre sat and watched and I think the movie appealed to most of the kids in the room and it was also not too painful for parents either.

Cinderella's x 3
Three Cinderella’s!

Keira and I went straight from the theatre to the airport. The girls said there emotional goodbyes outside Sydney Airport again! They have been best friends since they were 3 years old when they met at child care when we were living in Sydney. Keira struggled with the move to Sydney but her friendship with Bella filled some of that void.  Its great that Venessa and I have been able to keep that little friendship going and they both have other friends from school but they have always maintained this strong bond and close friendship. Hopefully as they get older they will remain great friends.

Interested on what else we have done on our trips to visit Bella? Well, we have experienced a Vivid dinner cruise, Madame Tussard’s, Taronga Zoo, visited Summer Bay and spent an Australia Day weekend there. Another fantastic thing to do in Sydney is a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, I would love to do this with our kids but on this occasion it was just Craig and I.

I haven’t booked another trip to Sydney yet, no doubt we will, maybe around November.

Happy travels.




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