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Day 5 – Time to go Home

We had our last buffet breakfast in our usual table looking out to the lagoon & a quick swim in the lagoon pool before packing & heading back to the airport.

Our breakfast table

The view.

Our breakfast view

It was a wonderful experience & I just loved the Great Barrier Reef, I would recommend everyone to go up there at least once in their life’s. When flying back home to Melbourne, the pilot took off from Cairns airport & went straight out over the Great Barrier Reef & followed it down the coast for a good half hour. I had my nose stuck to the window the whole time & managed to snap a couple of good photos.


View from the plane, awesome.

 Views from the plane, awesome.

Like the other trip I went on without the kids, all I could think was how much the kids would have loved it there! Maybe next time we will take them with us!

Until next time, keep traveling.

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