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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of people financial issues. People have been forced to stay and work at home. For those who have kids, it’s been a difficult time. Parents are working and home-schooling. Money is low for some many people these days. We all need to take a break.

If you’re like a lot of people and need cash, there are a few ways to do so. Parents everywhere are struggling. While there are many ways to save money traveling with kids, here are some tips on how to find some money when you need it the most and to take an affordable trip.

A lot of people have chosen to move during the pandemic. People are moving out of densely populated areas. They are moving to rural and slower places. With so much pressure on the wallets of families, they are also relocating to cheaper properties and houses. You can be more comfortable by choosing a new home that is more affordable for your family. It will put more money back into your wallet and bank account, and provide a decent chunk of cash to take a vacation.


It might not be your first option, but when you need money in a pinch you can always apply for a loan to get some extra money for a trip. There are a wide variety of loan options, including business and personal loans, payday loans, and other forms of credit. You can take out a mortgage for your home or refinance. Student loans will help you pay for your child’s education. If you need to buy a car, you can take out a car loan. Whatever form of credit you need, it is possible to obtain the money to pay for your bills and have enough left over to take a break from it all.


The modern world has created a lot of different options for credit and loans using technology. These new forms of credit can be accessed in a variety of ways. If you simply need money before you get paid, take a look into Payday advance apps. You can make some money through an investing app or another option to buy and sell stocks or financial resources. Technology has created so many options to borrow and make money on your phone. If you can think of a financial technology app, it probably exists. Do some research and start putting money into your bank account to save for a road trip or a camping trip.


While it may seem obvious, a lot of people have too much pride to ask for your help. Of course it is usually the best option because you will have more time to pay the money back and won’t have to pay interest. If you really need time to refresh but need some extra money, confide in someone who will help you take the kids on a short, affordable trip. The first thing you should do before you take out a loan is ask your family and friends to borrow some cash. Whatever you are doing, borrowing from people you love for a vacation is an option.


Whether you’re relocating or have a large collection of valuable items, you can sell some of your belongings to make some money. Put some stuff on eBay, have a garage sale, or look into some specialized shops or online forums where you can make some money by selling your possessions. If you know that you have something worth of value, selling some stuff can provide you some quick cash when you want to travel.

Times are tough. It’s always hard to be a parent, you need to have a large steady income to live the life you want to live. Parents often struggle, but now is a time when parents are struggling even more. When you’re trying to take a trip with your kids but can’t afford it, there are a variety of ways to get some money together.

We all need a break these days. Money is tight, but we all need to relax. You don’t have to take an extravagant vacation, instead go on an affordable trip where you and the kids can refresh yourselves. If you can get the money together, you won’t regret taking a break. You’ll be ready to come back and work hard.

While getting into debt is not my top recommendation, if you are regimented with your budget it might be a good options however its not nice having to spend all year paying off your vacation. 

Safe travels,

Sal, Craig & Our3kids. 

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