There are so many different ways to approach health. When you’re traveling the world, it can be difficult to find the medicines you are used to. From Western China to Europe and beyond, we’ve learned that each culture uses many different natural remedies to fight sickness and stay healthy.

These remedies are usually derived from plants and can help you no matter where you go in the world. In fact, if you end up with a stomach illness, you would likely use something natural instead of man-made in these regions.

There are many different ways to make a healing tea. Depending on the illness and the region, each culture makes theirs in different ways. Echinacea is a popular tea and originated in the Americas. Native Americans are known to have used echinacea to fight colds, fevers, and more. Because it can help the immune system, many natural medicine practitioners recommend this to their patients. It’s easy to find in many different countries as well. 

Hot tea is especially popular in China, they believe green tea heals many ailments such as lowering the risk of heart disease, improved brain function and protection from some cancers. When traveling in China you’ll be offered green tea with every meal. 

Natural remedies
Chinese drink green tea for its natural remedies that have been practiced for centuries.


Garlic is a delicious plant. It’s germ-fighting abilities have been underrepresented in the world. While you may not add it to every dish, it can easily be used when you’re coming down with a cold or the flu. It can be crushed and added to a tea, soup, or even eaten whole. Covering it in honey makes it go down easier, and it also has added health benefits.


When you go to India, many people practice traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Its roots are not only cultural, but religious. However, that shouldn’t stop you from gleaning wisdom from their experience. Ayurveda can be used for weight loss, skin health, hormone balancing, and more. If you suffer from gut health issues, triphala is a great option as well. It helps you with healthy bowels and keeps you regular.


Dark chocolate is famous for being used by the ancient Mayans. They made a drink that they believed came from the gods. For our purposes, dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, copper, magnesium and more. If you’re feeling unwell, you can make a drink with dark chocolate and honey to reduce inflammation and help you fell better.

Mums never tell your kids that choclate might just be good for you!

Natural remedies
The chocolate wall, not sure they mean this type of chocolate though!

raw honey

While Australia may be known in natural health circles for its Manuka honey, we’ve discovered that even the Spaniards use honey when they aren’t feeling well. In Spain, people are known to make a warm beverage with honey, lemon tea, and garlic. Each ingredient helps break up congestion from colds and upper respiratory illnesses and even helps boost the immune system to fight the infection. But here in Australia, Manuka honey has the highest healing properties of any raw honey.


While you may not think of this as more than a cooking oil, Italians have long known about the heart healthy benefits of using olive oil daily. It can be used to improve skin health, gut health, balance hormones, improve brain health, and more. We love that it can be used in daily cooking and it’s easy to find in most European locations.


India has so many great herbal remedies. This one is notable because of its anti-inflammatory properties and its antioxidant effects. Many people make a turmeric tea or add it to soup to help reduce inflammation that causes pain. It also works great for acne, immune health, and so much more. If you’re traveling in Asia, you may only be able to find this in the root form, but it’s pretty easy to prepare and use for whatever you need.

Much of the food we ate in India contained turmeric, its not something we use regularly here at home in Australia, both us and the kids loved the food in India and we can’t wait to return just for the delicious food options available. 

Natural remedies
India is another country that relies heavily on natural remedies particularly in their food.


When you need relief from tummy illnesses, nausea, and headaches, ginger is excellent. It comes from Asian regions, but can now be found all over the world. If you’re traveling somewhere new and need something to relieve your stomach, find a place that sells raw ginger or ginger tea. You may also be able to find them in health food stores in more developed areas.

Ginger is used heavily in Vietnamese cooking, we love Vietnam and have visited a number of times. I would have to say the Vietnamese food is my favourite across all of South East asian cuisines. 

One of the things we love about seeing the world is learning about the different cultures we visit. There is so much beauty in seeing the people in their home countries. Their ancient healing traditions are a fascinating blend of religion and health. It’s cool that many of these remedies have been validated in the scientific community as well.

Tell us about your best natural remedies in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them.

Safe travels,

Sal, Craig & Our3kids. 

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