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Travel Diets for Kids & Adults

Travel can be tough already when it comes to food, but if you are on a specific diet it can be quite difficult. This is especially true when you’re traveling with young children.

While it depends on where you are going, sticking to a diet may be helpful but it may not be at all. If you’re traveling abroad, your diet can make all the difference. You need to be ready for wherever you go. The following places are conducive to specific regional diets as well as diets that will help you stay healthy and strong while you’re traveling.

One way to prepare for a trip is to do a cleanse diet, which is a great method to return your body to its natural, healing state. It doesn’t matter where you’re going. A cleanse can provide a great way to clean your body of harmful toxins. Whether you are going somewhere that has delicious but fattening food or if you are going on a spiritual journey through a Buddhist vegetarian setting, a cleanse diet can help you get ready for whatever you are doing. While this isn’t a great idea for kids, it can facilitate the health of the parents.


Another way to prepare for a trip while trying to lose weight is to practice intermittent fasting. If you deprive yourself of food for hours at a time, your body will begin to burn its fat for energy. Doing this every day for a while before you leave on a trip will not only help you get rid of fat, it will shrink your stomach so you will be less hungry and eat less food on your travels. Whether you’re planning on eating a lot or a little while you’re gone, fasting is a good way to prepare.

asia: paleo & plant based

In most Asian countries, they don’t eat much dairy and less meat than Western diets. A paleo diet is based on the idea that we should remove foods that your ancestors ate. It takes out a lot of dairy and processed food and promotes lean meat consumption. Not only does it reduce several health risks like heart disease, it will keep you lean and strong. Paleo diets are a great way to get ready for a trip to Asia because it is more akin to the average diet on the continent. It will also help you lose weight and cut down on belly fat.

Another diet conducive to a trip to Asia is plant-based. Much of the continent is Buddhist and other religions that promote vegetarianism. While plant-based diets are common in Asia, if you are a strict vegan or vegetarian you will need to be careful. A lot of foods are made with fish oil and other animal product ingredients. Not only is a plant-based diet good for your body if you get enough protein, it is better for the environment because meat production leads to a lot of carbon emissions that warm the climate.


On the other hand, Europeans eat a lot of meat. If you want to indulge in the delicacies of the region but want to stay healthy, you can start a ketogenic diet. Avoid sugars and carbohydrates. This might be difficult because bread in Europe is so delicious and ubiquitous, but you don’t have to be so strict when you’re gone. Using a keto diet to avoid too many sugars will help you indulge in the foods that you want to eat when you’re on a trip. If you get your kids started on a keto diet, they will grow up healthier. Bread and pasta will become a treat.


If you are headed to Southern and Southeastern Europe or Northern Africa, a Mediterranean diet is healthy and lean. It has been proven to lower heart disease and other diseases. With plenty of vegetables, fruit, fish, olive oil, nuts, and whole grains, this regional diet is relatively healthy. While not strictly a weight loss diet, eating like Mediterranean countries do will help you stay thin and healthy. It is a great diet for your kids too.

When you are going on a trip abroad, you can get started earlier with a diet that will enable you to adapt or prepare. You can get healthy before you eat a lot or get used to the diet of the place you’re going to. Wherever you’re going and whatever you choose to do, eating healthy will only help.

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