It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for work or pleasure, it’s critical that you think long and hard about how to best pack for your trip. Should you forget something at home, it’ll force you to make a purchase while you’re on the road — and nobody wants to do that.

Tip: the items that you take to one location may not be the same as the next. For example, camping in the Grand Canyon calls for different essentials than spending a week at the beach.

Regardless of your destination, here are some of the many travel essentials that you should strongly consider packing:

Not only should you take a phone charger with you, but it may make sense to carry a backup as well. 

For example, there are phone chargers that run off of a battery, which allows you to recharge your device even if you don’t have access to an electrical outlet.


You never know when you’ll find yourself in pain. For instance, you may have a headache from all the traveling and lack of sleep. Or perhaps you have a backache because you spent so much time inside your vehicle or an airplane.

Don’t get into the habit of taking pain medication too often. Just use it when you need it. And of course, check with your doctor should you have any questions or concerns.


There’s a lot to like about CBD topical cream, including the fact that it’s highly effective in some people.

If you use this at home, you’ll want to take it with you on the road. Doing so will give you peace of mind, as you know you can always use this cream quickly to get the relief you need.

For instance, if you pull a muscle while you’re traveling, you can apply CBD topical cream to get immediate relief.


One of the biggest challenges of traveling is staying current with your sleep. As an adult, you need seven to eight hours of sleep — at a minimum — to maintain a high level of health and to feel your best.

A sleep mask can be your best friend, especially if you’re trying to catch some z’s when there’s light around you (such as on an airplane or bus). 

The nice thing about a sleep mask is that it doesn’t take up much space. Another alternative is for ear plugs, I never travel without them either. 

5. travel pillow

A travel pillow is a nice addition both for sleeping and comfort purposes. Maybe you want to sleep on an airplane but you can’t get comfortable. Place your travel pillow in the right spot and it could be just what you need to get some much-needed rest.

don’t make one of these mistakes

Now that you know what types of travel essentials you should take with you, it’s time to turn your attention to some of the more common mistakes that could cause you stress and cost you time and money.

  • Thinking you don’t need an item because you’ve never used it in the past
  • Assuming you can purchase what you need when you arrive at your destination (or along the way)
  • Packing the right essentials but not in the right quantity 
  • Packing only for yourself when you have other people — such as children — in your traveling party

You get the point. There’s no shortage of mistakes that are lurking around every corner. You need to keep a clear mind as you pack for your trip, as this will put you in a much better spot when you hit the road.

final thoughts

There’s a lot of stress associated with travel. This holds true even if you know where you’re going and you’re looking forward to getting there.

Do yourself a favor and pack all the travel essentials that will give you peace of mind. While the above items are a good place to start, don’t stop there. Only you know what types of essentials you need.

What are your thoughts on the travel essentials listed above? Are there any others that you would add? What’s something that you’ve forgotten in the past?

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  1. Thank you for this great post on travel essentials – I’ve got to the stage now where I also never fully unpack these things like my travel pillow and mask stay in my suitcase then I know I on the way to being good to go!

    1. Sally

      Yes I have to admit, I have a ‘to-go’ toiletry bag that never gets unpacked. When I’m packing to go I just grab the toiletry bag and its ready to go with all my products in travel sized packs. I think I could actually pack with my eyes shut these days!

      Sal & Co.

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