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Uluru Sunset
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Have you heard of Viator? I hadn’t either until 10 months ago. Viator is an online tour desk! They have been operating since 1999 and have sold more than 3 million tours at over 450 destinations worldwide. Viator offers adventure activities, city tours, day trips, shore excursions, family-friendly activities, theme park tickets and show tickets. There’s also an app for smart phones that allows you to make booking whilst on the road! Just for the record, I have not been asked by Viator to write a review, I have been so impressed with there service that I thought I would share the love.On our recent trip to Uluru I managed to save approx. $170 on the cost of our tours. Over the period off 3 days we had a helicopter ride over Uluru with Ayers Rock Helicopters, Sounds of Silence dinner with Voyages & a Kings Canyon Day Tour with AAT Kings. That’s $880 worth of tours if I had paid full price.

I came across Viator from a Google search titled ‘activities to do in Uluru’. I was a bit sceptical considering I hadn’t heard of them before and at the same time surprised that if they were so big how come I hadn’t heard of them! I put it out there to a couple of friends that travel a bit and not only had they heard from them but they had booked with them and recommended them, tick!  Great, I thought, now I can have a closer look, I downloaded the app to my iPhone and started searching.

I registered my details on the app in April and at the same time I thought I would search for them on Instagram and see if anything came up. Sure enough there they were so I promptly hit follow. On top of their feed I noticed that all followers for the month of April could receive 7% off their next booking just for following them on Instagram! Bingo, was going to book through them anyway so I gave it a run to see how much I could save. Went straight to the app, put in the discount code, chose the date and paid with my credit card! Done, saved some dollars! Pretty proud of myself!

Uluru from the air

Once registered, I started to receive emails from Viator advertising their sales. Each week Viator advertise weekly specials so keep an eye out for some super deals. One of these emails offered a 10% discount off selected tours if booked in May. I had already been looking at the Sounds of Silence dinner as it had been highly recommended.  I took this to be a sign as the Sounds of Silence dinner was one of the selected activities that had 10% off. Tick again, booked and I’m feeling very happy with my savings. Especially since it was a surprise for my husband and I was trying to pay for all this without him realising I was up to something.

Kata Tjuta from the Sounds of Silence dinner

Everyone at work had been along for the journey and many people said ‘you have to go to Kings Canyon’. I had a look at the app and Kings Canyon Day Tours from Ayers Rock Resort where $198 per person. At this stage I was thinking that we would have to give it a miss as I had spent enough and we were going on a big trip to Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Borneo 6 weeks later and was starting to feel a bit guilty about the amount of money I was spending considering it wasn’t a big birthday or anything! I decided to sleep on it for a while.

A couple of months had gone by and I had resigned to the fact that we would give it a miss, can’t be that awesome and we had plenty to do anyway. Mid June I received another email from Viator with Ayers Rock tours massive sale in the title. Had to check it out of course… Glad I did, Kings Canyon tours were 50% off! But get this, because I had booked the other 2 tours I also received another 10% off voucher and was able to double them up! I therefore got both day trips for less than the price of 1!! Stars had aligned, booked and paid for, done. One chuffed little traveller.

At the top of Kings Canyon near the Garden of Eden

How lucky was I, especially since I was being careful with the funds as we still had our big trip to Asia coming up. Nothing beats feeling like you have grabbed a bargain. I did have 1 problem, the other tours had been booked over the weekend not allowing for a full day tour. I then contacted the companies direct and found them to be very flexible with changes. This meant I was able to change the Sounds of Silence dinner to the Friday night and also move the helicopter ride to earlier that day. This left all day Saturday for our Kings Canyon tour. Awesome, managed to do everything I wanted to do whilst I was there, not to mention provide an awesome birthday present for Craig. I did manage to keep it all a surprise until the night before we were leaving and Craig was very surprised!

Just shows how with a little research you can save a lot of money. I have included a few photos of our trip so you can see how much fun we had.







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