Yogyakarta, Indonesia’s best kept secret

I have to be honest, until recently Indonesia hasn’t been on my radar. I never considered Indonesia a great place for a family holiday but after doing some research I think I might have sold it a bit short. My research has found plenty of interesting places to visit in Yogyakarta. Being Australian we think we know everything about Indonesia from all that we have heard from other people, in particular Bali. I am happy to say that I have discovered somewhere that has really piqued my interest! 

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Yogyakarta pronounced ‘Jogjakarta’ has a lot to offer travelling families. There are so many places of interest in Yogyakarta but I’m only going to list the few that I think will best suit my family. I think its a good mix of things that will entertain the kids and some things that I would really love to visit – its a balancing act but I think Yogyakarta is just the place for us for our next destination.


new kid on the block

During my research I came across a new booking site called Traveloka. It’s an Indonesian based company that provides very competitive prices for flights all around the world and hotels right across Asia. Like all good booking sites these days Traveloka also has an easy to use App that you can download from the app store and Google Play for free. I was very surprised to see they have extremely competitive prices for flights within Indonesia and many other parts of Asia and Australia. I will be booking my next flight through this site for sure.

While searching this Traveloka booking site for hotels I came across some great hotel deals. I’m always on the look out for new family friendly 5* hotels and the Hotel Tentrem Yogyakarta ticks all my boxes, it has to be one of the best hotels in Yogyakarta! We all know I’m a big fan of top hotels at competitive prices and this one has all the things I like most. Its very modern with an enormous welcoming entrance, we all know first impressions count! The pool looks lovely and huge, the pool is always important when travelling with kids and the rooms look large, plush and comfortable. I love a large room with plenty of space for the 5 of us. Here are some photos, I am sure you will agree its a fabulous looking hotel. As you can see from the photos, it definitely looks to be one of the best hotels in Yogyakarta, I think so anyway.

Places to visit in Yogyakarta
Places to visit in Yogyakarta
Premier Room
best hotel in Yogyakarta
The Pool
best hotel in Yogyakarta
Kayumanis Pool Bar
best hotel in Yogyakarta
Kids playground

Top Places to visit in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta was not a place that I thought would interest me, certainly not enough to write a post about it, I was really surprised to find that it has some much to offer. See my top places to visit in Yogyakarta below, I think my family would find plenty of places of interest in Yogyakarta:


An ancient Hindu Temple, Prambanan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that consists of 240 temples. Its the largest Hindu temples in Indonesia and is reported to be the most beautiful in the world. The Hindu temple is dedicated to three great Hindu divinities, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. I has similarities to Angkor Wat which we visited this year and we loved that experience. The Prambanan Archaeological Park is located 17kms from the centre of Yogyakarta.

Places to visit in Yogyakarta
Part of the Hindu complex at Prambanan


A Buddhist temple which is the most visited tourist attraction in Indonesia. It dates back to the 9th Century AD and consists of 504 Buddha statues and 2672 reliefs depicting Buddhist teachings. It was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. You are able to explore Borobudur at both sunrise and sunset and both are reported to be spectacular. Borobudur is located 40kms from Yogyakarta and strategically placed between two volcanoes and two rivers. You can get the most amazing photos here, we have been working on improving our travel photography using online courses. It’s amazing how some small tips have improved our shots ten fold.

Places to visit in Yogyakarta
The Buddhist Temple at Borobudur

Pok Tunggal

Some beach time is always a priority on our holidays and Pok Tunggal is approximately 2 hours in a private vehicle from Yogyakarta. It is a quiet beach atmosphere with clean beautiful white sand beaches. The kids love some down time and we love the relaxed atmosphere of a few days on a nice beach. Stick around and experience the spectacular sunset under an umbrella hired from one of the local people. Its quite an adventure to arrive at Pok Tunggal requiring you to rock climb a large hill to get there. I’m sure the kids will love that experience.

Places to visit in Yogyakarta
Nice clean beaches

Luweng Sampang

A relatively unknown tourist attraction which can currently be experienced for free. A series of waterfalls with layers of rock sculptured by the power of running water.

Places to visit in Yogyakarta
One of the many waterfalls found in the area

Goa Pindul

I love the kids to experience new things outside of their comfort zones when we are on holidays. This underwater cave tubing experience sounds like its right up my alley. The experience costs $3.75 per person including helmet, rubber tube, life vest, rubber shoes and tour guide, it all takes about 45 mins.

Places to visit in Yogyakarta
Cave tubing in Goa Pindul

Klook has some great deals on things to do in Yogyakarta.


I am sold!! I totally want to go to Yogyakarta now! I am convinced there is plenty of places to visit in Yogyakarta that are family friendly that will appeal to both Craig and I and the kids. Now its a matter of working out when I can fit the trip in. This has been a real surprise for me, I wasn’t expecting to find so much that appealed to me that is so close to home. Although I haven’t been to Bali, there are parts of Bali that really appeal to me, I would love to do some island hopping to Lombok and Nusa Penida, Ubud is definitely on the list as with hiking Mt Batur at sunrise. There is definitely more the Indonesia than bars and beaches which is what we hear about most.

Have you been to Yogyakarta? What can you tell me about it? Leave me a message in the comments below. If your in Bali check out the Prego Restuarant at the Westin Hotel for Sunday Brunch, they cater for kids and looks like lots of fun.

Safe Travels!

Sal, Craig & Our3kids




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  1. Jeya

    HI did u go luweng Sampang? Can it be visited with kids? And elderly?

    1. Sally

      Hi Jeya,

      Sadly I haven’t made it there yet although I would say it would be challenging for elderly. You are required to climb into the waterfall across the rippled walls. Depending on the age of the kids they should be right but probably wouldn’t take really young kids.

      But honestly that’s just my personal opinion.



  2. Sally

    Thanks for your comment Yusril, I’m glad to hear you have found it useful. I know someone heading to Yogyakarta very soon, I will pass on your email in case she is looking for a tour guide.


  3. Tari

    You should go to see the dance performance at prambanan temple. It shows at night time only.

    1. Sally

      Hi Tari,

      Thanks for the tip, I still haven’t made it to Indonesia yet but a friend has been there recently and I’m getting itchy feet. Might just be on the list for next year.

      Thanks for the comment and tip,

      Sally & Co.

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