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Best hotels near Disneyland California

Deciding on the right hotel for your upcoming trip to Disneyland California can be a little overwhelming and the wrong choice could ruin your trip or cost you more than you were expecting to spend. There are a number of Disneyland hotel deals and if you’re lucky you’ll find the perfect one for you. (more…)

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Knott’s Berry Farm Review

Knott’s Berry Farm dates back to 1920’s when it was a family owned farm that sold berries, homemade berry preserves and pies on the roadside. Later in 1934, a tea room was created and they started selling fried chicken dinners. Soon after Mrs Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant was established. The restaurant is still on the site but now located outside the theme park. Keep reading for our comprehensive Knott’s Berry Farm review. (more…)

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Warner Brothers Studio Tour – Hollywood

Australia is saturated with American movies and television programs. So when we started planning our Warner Brothers Studio Tour, I knew that much of it would be familiar to us. Some of our most favourite programs are filmed here and I was looking forward to seeing behind-the-scenes where all the magic is made. (more…)

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Universal Studios Hollywood

Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood with kids requires careful planning. It was a non-negotiable addition to our itinerary as directed by our oldest daughter Alannah. She had visited Universal Studios Japan with me last year and had been blown away by The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. (more…)

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