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On our recent trip to Singapore we were spoilt for choice for things to do with the kids. We were only there for a few days so we to narrow it down and wouldn’t be able to do everything. With the kids currently aged 11, 9 & 7, we decided that Legoland Malaysia Theme Park would be a good option before they got too old, read on for our Legoland Malaysia review.

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We felt that it was age appropriate and if we waited any longer the kids may not have enjoyed it as much. Having been, I now know I made the right decision. It was perfect for our kids age and would be equally as good for kids that are younger.

Legoland Malaysia review
Ready, set, go! Posers!!

About Legoland Malaysia Theme Park:

Legoland Malaysia in located 15 mins from Johor Bahru, just across the border from Singapore and opened in September 2012. Its the first Legoland in Asia and specifically designed for families with pre teen kids, although what teen doesn’t enjoy a roller coaster and water park, right! It consists of the Legoland Park, Legoland Water Park and the Legoland Hotel. The hotel has 249 themed rooms, with a choice of pirate, kingdom or adventure to keep the kids entertained. The hotel opened to the public in November 2013.

In May 2019 Legoland Malaysia expanded to include SEA Life Aquarium, an interactive learning space for kids to experience and learn all about the ocean and how to care for it. The 180 degree ocean tunnel is home to black tip reef sharks and other marine life including sting rays and various fish of all sizes. Explore the jelly fish and seahorses in large tanks with information boards to learn all about their life cycles. Kids will love the interactive rock pools where they can touch, feel and explore some safe marine life. 

Getting There:

If your staying in Singapore like we were, there are a number of options for getting to Legoland depending on your budget. It will assist travellers in deciding on their best option for getting there as it did take a fair bit of research when we decided to do it. Happy to answer any questions if there is anything else you need to know. Just add it in the comments below and I will get back to you.


I highly recommend you book tickets prior to departure, you can pre-booking your Legoland Admission Ticket available for direct booking with Klook which offers a competitive price.

Legoland Malaysia is quite well priced in comparison to other theme parks world wide. Also near by for the younger kids is Hello Kitty and Thomas Town. You can also book your Hello World and Thomas World so you can see them all in the one visit.

Our LegoLand Malaysia Review:

The only day we had available to head across to Legoland was a Sunday, a lot of people had said to me to avoid weekends as it would likely be very busy but with no other option we decided to go. We had no issue getting across the border (which can sometimes be time consuming on weekends) and we arrived in Legoland right on opening at 10am. There were no queues for tickets and we were through the gates within 10mins.

Lego City

First up we headed to Lego City. The kids got to drive a Lego vehicle around a test drive area in a motorised vehicle. Caelan of course went like a bat out of hell, Keira drove around like a Nanna out on a Sunday drive and Alannah conscientiously got there in her own time while being rammed by her brother! Boys will be boys!  The cars can travel up to 6kms an hour and the kids are in complete control of their vehicles, scary thought?! They even got their very own drivers licences to take home and keep. It’s good to do this early as later in the day there was a decent queue with substantial waiting period. We avoided that heading there first up.

Legoland Malaysia review
They really enjoyed driving ‘real cars!’ and it gave them a good idea of road rules which was great.
Legoland Malaysia review
Piloting planes, obviously aimed at younger children.
Legoland Malaysia review
Lego fire trucks, the kids had to pump the handle to move the truck then squirt the fire until it went out.

There is also the Boating school, City Airport, the Shipyard and the Legoland express. We went back to Lego City at the end of the day and got on the Lego Train, this gave us the opportunity to ride around the whole park and see if we had missed anything!

Legoland Malaysia review
The Lego Train!
Legoland Malaysia review
All aboard!
Legoland Malaysia review
Out the window of the Lego Train.

Lego Technic

Next the kids were itching to get on a roller coaster so we reassessed our path on the map and decided to head back across the entrance to Lego Technic so the kids could get on some ‘big kid’s rides! We then went clockwise around the park from there. For whatever reason the park was very quite. We were told that the day before was crazy busy and that we were really lucky as it really was a very quite day in the park. We didn’t queue for any rides and were able to stay on and have a second ride if we wanted too. The kids loved the Project X roller coaster and had a few goes on that ride (and we returned there at the end just before closing for a few more rides!).

Legoland Malaysia review
The kids loved Project X and had at least 10 rides on this one.

Next up, the Aquazone Wave Racer where mum got to stand on the outside and squirt everyone with water guns and water explosions (insert giggling emoji right now!!). They also had a couple of rides on this. I don’t think I mentioned above that the weather was really hot and humid when we were there. It threatened rain all day but we got a couple of showers but nothing serious.

Legoland Malaysia review
The girls enjoyed this ride as they could ride together. With Dad & Caelan close behind.
Legoland Malaysia review
The man child squirting the kids.

There was also Lego Mindstorms and Lego Academy workshops for kids that wanted to build. Our kids walked in and decided they wanted to ride the rides and would play Lego if we had extra time at the end. Very diplomatic of them and they all agreed on that one!

Lego Kingdom

They headed straight for what they thought was the Dragon roller coaster but it was the smaller Dragon’s Apprentice! We’ve graduated now to the big kids roller coasters and there’s no going back to those baby ones! Kids crack me up! You go through the Royal Castle to get on the Dragon roller coaster which highlights all things Middle Ages.  We had the only decent downpour of the day while everyone was on the roller coaster but in typical tropic fashion, it rained heavy for 2 minutes and was gone.

Legoland Malaysia review
The Royal Kingdom, quite the castle!
Legoland Malaysia review
The entrance to the Dragon roller coaster.

We then headed round to the Royal Joust! This was a little ones ride and I was surprised the kids wanted to jump on, the jousting horse goes around a track like a train and is perfect for 4-6 year olds. Alannah’s face says it all, she wasn’t impressed with this ride but surprisingly wanted a second go! Go figure…!

Legoland Malaysia review
Royal Jousting – another one for the little kids!

Lego Imagination

This is were my favourite ride was! Mum’s a fan of rides that don’t move quick so the Observation Tower was perfect for me! It rotates slowly (also great) but best of all gives you a birds eye view of the entire park. Observation Tower provided us with a good look at the overall size and set out of the park, I was surprised at the size of the park. The tower rises 41 metres and you can see further than just the park, you can see the whole surrounding area. There is plenty of space for park expansion, so watch out in a few years time!

Legoland Malaysia review
Great view from the Observation Tower with a new attraction under construction bottom left.

The kids tried to show off their strength at the Kid’s Power Tower but soon called out asking why mum and dad didn’t get on this ride – it would have been so much easier with an adult! The rope is 9m and I think they were knackered by the time they got to about the 5m mark! Craig and I were calling from the bottom ‘Keep going, your nearly there!’ There’s also a great area here for little kids to explore DUPLO and the Build and Test Centre, kids could spend hours here making anything their little imagination can come up with.

Legoland Malaysia review
Ready to pull themselves up to the top, it was hard work.

If you need a break from the heat, head on in and see a Lego Movie at the 4D cinema. Every half an hour there is a different short Lego Movie to watch. We had seats near the front and I was surprised when the movie started just how realistic it was. A couple of times I nearly jumped out of my seat to get out the way of things coming out the screen! If you look around the theatre, you will see kids reaching out to touch things. It really is a great experience.

Legoland Malaysia review
Can’t take their eyes off the screen during the 4D movie.
Legoland Malaysia review
Keira in her 4D glasses. Ready for the movie.

Land of Adventure

Sounds exciting right! First up Dino Island but don’t expect to come off dry! Not that it matters in the Malaysian weather, you dry very quickly. Just how wet you will get depends on where you decide to sit in your canoe. You have a bit of an idea as located at the entrance to Dino Island is a person size body drier! I enjoyed sitting at the Burger Junction restaurant were you get a great view of the drop on Dino Island and watch everyone get soaked while i sat comfortably dry with a cold drink!

Legoland Malaysia review
Dino Island – You’re going to get wet!

Not only does the Lost Kingdom look awesome from the outside but the Lost Kingdom ride was a hit with the kids. Who doesn’t like a 4 wheel off roader ride while shooting mummies and other pharaoh type traps with a laser gun. Sounds right up the kids alley right!

Legoland Malaysia review
Walk like an Egyptian!
Legoland Malaysia review
Being clowns!

Land of Adventure also has Beetle Bounce and Pharaoh’s Revenge for young kids, interactive play zone’s for those too young for the thrilling big kid’s rides.

Legoland Malaysia review
Beetle Bounce – another one for the little kids!

Lego Miniland

The Lego Miniland was amazing and the largest ever built for a new park. It took over 3 years to complete using over 30 million Lego bricks and 100 people from around the world.  It highlights the most famous landmarks Asia has to offer from over 17 different cities and countries. I of course walked around guessing what they were before reading the signs. Some of the displays are moving and there are planes, boats and trains that come to life when you push a button. It was most exciting to be able to say ‘been there’! The kids enjoyed picking out the ones they have been to before and the others were a good geography lesson.

Legoland Malaysia review
Miniland Angkor Wat it looks amazing and so real.
Legoland Malaysia review
Taj Mahal – Hope to get there one day. Up date – we did get there!

My favourites were, of course, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat (I spent a long time looking at this as we were heading there straight after being Singapore), the Great Wall of China and Singapore. There were also iconic landmarks from Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. You could spent hours here walking around looking at the intricate detail that has gone into creating this amazing Mini Land.

Legoland Malaysia review
L for Legoland!

Lego Star Wars Mini Land

Legoland Malaysia review
Star Wars Mini Land

In its own separate building which opened in September 2014 is the Star Wars mini land, it includes 7 scenes from the Star Wars movies. With the recent rise in popularity of Star Wars again, it sure to impress any little boy. Caelan and Craig really enjoyed working out which film the display was from before reading the display signs.

Legoland Malaysia review
Nothing like a giant Lego Darth Vadar!

What’s New at Legoland Malaysia Theme Park

Right next to Land of Adventure is where the new and exciting Lego Ninjago ride will be. Legoland Malaysia has invested an enormous amount of money into this cutting edge 4D ride that involves technology never seen before is any theme park in Asia. This ride will be opening in November 2016. It will involve high-tech sensors and the use of hand movements in a striking motion, where kids act like ninja warriors blasting fireballs, lightening, shockwaves and ice to master their skills before heading into battle in a car which holds up for 4 people. Sounds exciting.

Legoland Water Park Review

Legoland Malaysia review
LegoLand Water Park

If, like us, you have spent all day walking around the park and need a break, head over to the Legoland Water Park which is located a 2 minute walk from the main park. Just remember that the water park closes before the main park so its a good idea to head over earlier and then come back to the main park afterwards. We got caught out on this one as we thought the water park was open later. When we arrived we only had 45mins to do everything.

Legoland Malaysia review
Build-a-Raft & floating river
Legoland Malaysia review
Build-a-Raft for build a castle!

I loved the Built-a-Raft river where the kids were able to create a raft of their own using soft floating Lego bricks and then enjoying a leisurely float down the river that circumnaviagated the whole water park. I thought this a great initiative instead of just provided floating donuts like most other water parks.

There is an impressive wave pool where all the family can enjoy cooling off. It starts out shallow for the younger kids and gradually gets deeper the closer you get the waves. There are life guards on site but you would need to really watch your children if the park was busy as its a very big pool area.

Legoland Malaysia review
The Wave Pool right under the big Legoland sign in the hill.

My kids dumped their stuff and headed straight for the water slides. There were plenty to choose from including the Brick Blaster, Splash & Swim, Wave Rider and Tidal Wave which were suitable for all the family. The Red Rush, Twin Chasers and the Lego Slide Racers were for the slightly older kids and the man-children. My kids were able to go on all of them.

Legoland Malaysia review
Kids love an aqua playground.

If you only have little ones, there’s still plenty for them to do with the Joker Soaker an interactive playground that kids can climb and jump around with a large tipping bucket at the top and when full tips on to the playground. The bucket holds 300 gallons of water so watch out if you are standing under it. There’s the Imagination Station allowing little ones the freedom and create things with DUPLO bricks at one of two tables while still splashing in some swallow water. There’s the DUPLO Splash Safari for kids under 5.

Our Verdict

As you can see we had a wonderful day at Legoland. Legoland Malaysia states that it’s aimed at 2-12 year olds but I saw many teenagers having a great time while we were there. Alannah really enjoyed herself at 11 years old and Keira and Caelan loved it. The rides were just right for my kids ages and they were able to ride on all of them which is great and makes it a much better day for everyone.

Legoland Malaysia review
Lego everywhere!

If you are doing the park combo, I do recommend staying 2 days, there is plenty to do and see, we could of really done with an extra day. Unfortunately our itinerary didn’t allow it this time. All kids love a water park and we could easily have spent all day there. It was really unfortunate we got our wires crossed and only had a very short amount of time there.

Legoland Malaysia review
More Lego creatures!

We easily spent the full day in the theme park. After our short stint at the water park, we went back into the theme park and went back to the kids favourite for one last ride. If I were to visit again I would definitely stay a night at the hotel and spend a day at each park.

While Legoland Malaysia isn’t an old park the new Ninjago ride is going to be a great inclusion for them, especially as it will have state of the art interactive elements that no other theme park has right now. We hope to go back one day and experience it for ourselves.

Legoland Malaysia review
Thanks for the fun Legoland!

We decided to visit Legoland Malaysia in a day trip from Singapore. I have found so many family friendly things to do in Singapore with kids and I have listed a few ideas for you below:

Singapore Zoo – one of the best zoos in the world, make sure you book in for breakfast with the orangutans.

Universal Studios Singapore – when isn’t Universal Studios a good idea, catch up with your friends Gru and the Minions, Sesame Street characters and Shrek along with Princess Fiona.

Kidzania Singapore – will have your kids role playing in their favourite careers, they experiment with being a pilot, cabin crew, doctor, dentist, radio DJ or courier among many other roles.

Legoland Discovery Centre, Melbourne – the visit of it’s kind in Australia, located in Chadstone Shopping centre in Melbourne’s east. Perfect for little kiddo’s that love their Lego.

Happy travels,

Sal and Co.

Disclaimer: We had a mutually beneficial financial arrangement with Legoland Malaysia but as always our opinion is our own.








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